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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie NarcAn undercover narc dies, the investigation stalls, so the Detroit P.D. brings back Nick Tellis, fired 18-months ago when a stray bullet hits a pregnant woman. Tellis teams with Henry Oak, a friend of the dead narc and an aggressive cop constantly under the scrutiny of internal affairs. They follow leads, informants turn up dead, Nick's wife is unhappy he's back on the street, Henry's protective of the dead cop's wife. Nick reads and re-reads the case file, broods, watches Oak's heavy-handed style, sometimes joining in. The brass want to close out the case, Nick and Henry stay on it, and bits of evidence point them to an auto body shop. What actually happened; will Nick ever know?


Dan Leis as Elvin Dowd
Jason Patric as Det. Sgt. Nick Tellis
Lloyd Adams as Walter Dandridge
Meagan Issa as Little Girl
Lina Giornofelice as Jeanine Mueller
Alan C. Peterson as Freeman Franks
Karen Robinson as Liz Detmer
Chi McBride as Capt. Mitchell Cheevers
Booth Savage as Cecil Mitchum
Alan Van Sprang as Michael Calvess
Gavyn Donaldson as Tellis' Infant Son
Myles Donaldson as Tellis' Infant Son
Krista Bridges as Audrey Tellis
Ray Liotta as Det. Lt. Henry Oak
Thomas Patrice as Officer Marcotte
Joe Carnahan

Good-cop bad-police-pairing in the film is so well led,
that has virtually become a Hollywood institution. Fortunately, 'Narc'
powerfully destroys the stereotype.

Persuaded back into active service of their heads, a former police Narcotics
Nick Tellis (Jason Patric) is investigating the murder of an official
alongside fellow new live-wire partner Henry Oak (Ray Liotta).

The coupling of Tellis and Oak feels so realistic, that really
understand each character's resentment for having been thrown together.

Is this natural distrust which erases the legacy of Lethal Weapon
style relationships friends, but instead harks back to classic 70
cop films like 'Serpico & # 39;.

'Narc' is full of energy, your heart stop hand opening
pursue its brutal and bloody confrontation, while framed by the cold
Claustrophobic Street scenes.

director Joe Carnahan probes deep into the characters
to find out what drives these men put their lives on the line, every day.

helps that the performance of both leading men is wonderful. Patric's
troubled, introspective Tellis is torn between his family and his lover
empathy for the dead secret police.

however, is Liotta - Oak by name, the oak stature - which dominates the
film with a career best performance. Intimidation and brutal, but never
inhuman, which forces you to remember how far a powerful film
presence may be, given the right material.

'Narc' is a fast, original, gritty thriller that will leave you wanting
fix another. 9 / 10
More than a year after being suspended during an investigation into a shooting
when it was secret, Nick Tellis is given a chance to redeem himself
to join an investigation into the murder of another clandestine
cop who is the partner of a suspect. Nick Henry Oak and equipment, research
each other as much as the actual murder. They remain at the helm of a Junkie
but begin to uncover clues that point to obtain weapons of
police in the black market and the suggestion that someone within the force in Detroit

bed with addicts.

A small film with big budget problems are picked up at Sundance and has

Tom Cruise's name added to it as executive producer. Thank God that this film was acquired
and received a wider audience. It is a pity that

most people do not go and see him but is still not bad for a film that was almost
off mid-shoot because of budget problems (ie, did not have any
!). The plot is a good police thriller in the mold of the old 70's
thrillers, where the lines between good / evil, right / wrong
are quite blurred.
The main objective of the film is the McGuffin of the tunnel - what happened, who did

what? but the film is much more than that, has themes of family and
scenes of violence and tension to move everything forward. It's easy
one of the best films released in 2003. It manages to take a genre that is

seen so often and make you feel cool and pleasant.

As writer and director Carnahan is bright. His script is well written and
a lot of hard dialogue, but that is the feeling and see

the film is brilliant. At the top of the tonificación used to corrupt every scene
the work is mainly wash blues, reds are scenes of family, but gradually lose its spot
most of the film) uses the movie other tricks. Developing

shots are different for each character and what is actually adds to the film. If
as well as this movie is worth hunting out the DVD just for extras, Carnahan

talks in detail about the reasons behind the composition of some vaccines and
is impressive to hear and understand his thinking.

The cast are excellent, although in reality the film revolves around the two drivers.
Liotta is as good as it has ever been. It would be easy to accept only

his performance as a "powerful", but also has sensitivity, emotion and
layers to it. Patric is also good, its themes of family and the past are well
reared in a show that he accepts that much
to Liotta. Support from Busta Rhymes is smaller but he played very well,
not at all like many hip hop stars who make films to improve their
bling bling gangsta personae. There are other support functions too strong, but

really Liotta and Patric film.

As a police thriller that harks back to darker days and is very effective,
with a solid argument and a good sense of the unknown, until some solid turns
near the end. The film has an impressive style to it and, while Liotta
deserves praise, success and feel of this movie are the
Carnahan skill as a writer and director. With his talent and
bad that the crew has proved a good script in a large

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