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(fantasy, horror)
Download Movie WishmasterIn ancient Persia, an evil creature called the Djinn wreaks havoc on a local kingdom before being sealed inside a stone - a fire opal. Centuries later, the stone, encased in a statue, is discovered when the statue is broken apart in a loading accident. A young gemologist, Alexandra Amberson, examines the jewel to appraise it. But she unwittingly awakes the horrible Djinn inside. Soon the Djinn is loose on the streets, twisting people's wishes and and killing them so he can steal their souls. Eventually the Djinn disguises himself as an elegant man-about-town, Nathaniel Demarest. In both human & Djinn form, he pursues Alexandra to trick her into making three wishes, to enable his unholy legions to conquer the Earth...


Tammy Lauren as Alexandra Amberson
Andrew Divoff as The Djinn/Nathaniel Demerest
Robert Englund as Raymond Beaumont
Chris Lemmon as Nick Merritt
Wendy Benson-Landes as Shannon Amberson
Tony Crane as Josh Aickman
Jenny O'Hara as Wendy Derleth
Kane Hodder as Merritt's Guard
Tony Todd as Johnny Valentine
Ricco Ross as Lt. Nathanson
John Byner as Doug Clegg
George 'Buck' Flower as Homeless Man
Gretchen Palmer as Ariella
Ted Raimi as Ed Finney
Angus Scrimm as Narrator
Robert Kurtzman

Wishmaster is an intelligent horror film, with a history different from other
. The film is about an evil Djinn which grants wishes and
leaves a bad impact. Every time you make a wish, Djinn takes his soul. The
the film has cameos of many famous legends Horror. Some include
Robert Englund of Freddy Krueger, Jason Kane Hodder series, Tony Todd
Candyman etc. Andrew Divoff gives a great performance as the
Wishmaster. If you saw the 4 Wishmasters, you know
in Part 3 and 4, there is a different actor playing the Djinn. Andrew shows that
is very talented. Part One is the best of the lot. Part two was pretty good
. The others were a complete nonsense. One weakness with the film
is the last wish, I am sure we could think of a better and smarter
then put an end to that. The lead actress should only wish for him to go to
planet Neptune and never return to Earth. She could say tried,
I want you not to grant me that wish. I want more wishes.
Anyway enough with this, they can go to for ages. The film was
entertaining and worth seeing.

Download Wishmaster
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