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(adventure, comedy, romance)
Download Movie Joe DirtDavid Spade plays Joe, whose search for his family has him hittin' the road and keepin' it real with every lowlife he meets, including a sweet hottie (Brittany Daniel), a janitor (Christopher Walken), and a pychotic cannibal (Brian Thompson) with whom he has a brief interlude. Through it all, Joe keeps on truckin' . . . all the way to L.A., where a shock jock DJ (Dennis Miller) targets Joe as the butt of his show. But Joe's plucky spirit encourages listeners to cheer him on and help him find a better family than the one he thought he wanted. Rock on!


David Spade as Joe Dirt
Brittany Daniel as Brandy
Dennis Miller as Zander Kelly
Adam Beach as Kicking Wing
Christopher Walken as Clem
Jaime Pressly as Jill
Kid Rock as Robby
Erik Per Sullivan as Little Joe Dirt
Megan Taylor Harvey as Joe's Little Sister
Caroline Aaron as Joe's Mom
Fred Ward as Joe's Dad
John Farley as KXLA Security Guard
Bob Zany as Bullying Man #1
Bean Miller as Bullying Man #2
Lee Walker as Zeke
Dennie Gordon

For a typical low Brain Hollywood comedy of this era, it was a pretty nice
film. Of course, few if any comedies today are "family fare"
and this is not an asset, but the main character is a meek, inoffensive
boy. David Spade is very entertaining as "Joe Dirt," a down-and-out
nice guy (but not exactly pure, either) that tells its story
try to find their parents to sleazy disc jockey " ; Zander Kelly (Dennis Miller).
Brittany Daniel is an attractive, likable female lead.

This is a fast-moving hour and a half. Some of the scenes are outrageous, like a dog
get your - I say this? --
Testicles stuck to the porch. Yes, it's a good family fare! Ha. Ha. No, really, it was a fun movie
and worth seeking if you need a laugh.
I'm surprised there was not a sequel.
I saw this movie last night and enjoyed quite apart from the heavily affected
ending, which is expected in any kind of movie David Spade.

The story focuses on Joe Dirt, or has he preferred to call himself
Joe Dirt (pronounced dee-yertay), a complete dimwit. He was born with half his skull missing
, so his dad put a mullet wig on his head at that time
became fused to his skull. The trailer trash-including facial hair side
Burns are all genetic. One day

Zander Kelly, played by a typical asinine Dennis Miller, brings
Dirt as a guest, or his radio and mocks him. Kelly
becomes so intrigued by the history of dirt to him again and show
complete history. This is the premise for the entire film

What I really liked about this movie is that it should not be attempting any serious
points, is only good, brainless fun.
Christopher Walken's character was fantastic, even though it was kind of
tacks on.
Kid Rock was not asked to do a lot of playing Robby act, a piece of pure
trailer trash and Joe's main rival for the affections of Brandy,
his only true love. The film

best summed up in a quote Dennis Miller. "Just to recap: You were filled in
S ** t you're a complete loser! "

In general, it is likely that it is not worth the price of a movie ticket, but see it in
video. Very funny.

Download Joe Dirt
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