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(drama, thriller)
Download Movie Reservation RoadOn a warm September evening, college professor Ethan Learner, his wife Grace, and their daughter Emma are attending a recital. Their 10-year-old son Josh is playing cello — beautifully, as usual. His younger sister looks up to him, and his parents are proud of their son. On the way home, they all stop at a gas station on Reservation Road. There, in one terrible instant, he is taken from them forever. On a warm September evening, law associate Dwight Arno and his 11-year-old son Lucas are attending a baseball game. Their favorite team, the Red Sox, is playing - and, hopefully, heading for the World Series. Dwight cherishes his time spent with Lucas. Driving his son back to his ex-wife, Lucas' mother Ruth Wheldon, Dwight heads towards his fateful encounter at Reservation Road. The accident happens so fast that Lucas is all but unaware, while Ethan — the only witness — is all too aware, as a panicked Dwight speeds away. The police are called, and an investigation begins. Haunted by the tragedy, both fathers react in unexpected ways, as do Grace and Emma. As a reckoning looms, the two fathers are forced to make the hardest choices of their lives.


Joaquin Phoenix as Ethan Learner
Elle Fanning as Emma Learner
Jennifer Connelly as Grace Learner
Mark Ruffalo as Dwight Arno
Samuel Ryan Finn as Cello Player
Eddie Alderson as Lucas Arno
Sean Curley as Josh Learner
Susan Powell as Elegant Parent
Cordell Clyde as Jimmy McBride
Antoni Corone as Sergeant Burke
Kevin Herbst as Driving Trooper
Mira Sorvino as Ruth Wheldon
Gary Kohn as Norris Wheldon
John Slattery as Steve
Nora Ferrari as Nora
Terry George

I did not know what "reserve Road" was about when I started to see
. Not knowing the plot makes the movie more successful. After a
unfortunate case, the two families involved (none of whom knows the other is that
) involuntarily increasingly intertwined. Whenever
another link to be revealed, you know you're getting closer and closer to
something ugly.

The characters, though not the best I've seen in movies,
is certainly worthwhile. Ethan Learner (Joaquin Phoenix) remains totally
despondent about his son's death and the fact that the murderer has not been
captured. Ethan's wife Grace (Jennifer Connelly) wants to move on with their lives and
regrets that Ethan obsessed in a
topic. Dwight Arno (Mark Ruffalo), which caused the accident, spends most of the film
bothered by their actions and wanting to right the wrongs, but
concerned about what might lead. Sometimes, each of the characters
come across as something repulsive, but you still understand why they
behave as they do. Some people may

liked this movie "In the Bedroom" and "Mystic River
." "Reservation Road" certainly deals with similar themes, although I
not actually put it in the same league as other
two. This film seems a bit more sensational, and as if
is trying to do the same as the other two. But in general, I thought
it's a good movie, and I recommend it. Also starring Mira Sorvino
and Elle Fanning.
You wonder what goes through the minds of those involved in hit and run accident
. In that split second after impact, he introduced a
choice, and your life will change, one way or another. A
likely have to consider stop and assist, and in doing so
hold until the accident, but have the opportunity to save a life
if the circumstances permit for that. Either the hope that nobody saw what he did
you did, and bolt. A driver negligent, either through drink driving, or
are distracted while on the road, probably will not get much sympathy
, especially the victim's family, and
Book Road, powerful drama is woven between the characters in
both sides of those affected and implement the equation.

Book Road refers to the crime scene, where students -
Ethan dad (Joaquin Phoenix), mother of Grace (Jennifer Connelly) and her daughter Emma
(Elle Fanning ) Lose their son / brother in an accident, caused by a
man in a baseball cap, driving an SUV. In that perspective, we continue across
pain of the family suffered a terrible loss. Ethan's father
slowly degenerates into a wreck obsessively, trying in vain to find the author of
out there who, through their own stubbornness, when investigations
realizes that the police can only do what we can
give very limited since it carries no progress. Grace's mother, while in the first
it difficult to accept the truth - and in the early days,
the simplest of reasons to pin the blame, will resonate deeply - but
see how draws strength in the hope of keeping the family spirits
top. And the daughter is how to cope with the loss through
channeling their energies on performance.

For another angle, Mark Ruffalo plays Dwight counsel, that
separated from his wife Ruth (Mira Sorvino) and has the right to visit his son
. When the accident, in split second he made the decision unavoidable
self-preservation, and although they may have
momentarily escape justice and the law dictates the negative karma that will live
her life being tormented by guilt then
all this while trying to provide why he based his decision on
be able to be free from prison, to continue seeing his son. Confession
and owning itself will see in the pirate, and probably
lose everything. I thought that this part of history was
most interesting one. On the one hand we judge who is a coward, not a man in
hold until the evil that it did. Moreover, we are also
his pain and his fear - It takes a lot to own, especially when it involves
lives being taken away, and so remote that people know, no thanks to
six degrees of separation.

Based on the novel by John Burnham Schwartz also co-wrote the screenplay with
director Terry George (Hotel Rwanda), some might wonder if the
meeting of the main characters are a bit convenient. We have
father to father a lawyer-client position, and a mother is
professor of the other child. Pooling
will lead to the inevitable, but this is unmasking the truth, that keeps us
dedicated to ending the subject. The scenes that makes you with Seether
anger, and probably a whisper silent curse, are those in which
opportunities for confession presented, but each time it despises.
As the saying goes, a lie begets a big lie, and that before snowball
you realize that the lie becomes difficult to fill.

Kudos go to all the cast, with the exception of Sorvino's role is
cameo rather than support, mainly because of the tanglement
complicated situation does not affect its character directly. Ruffalo
put in a commendable performance as a man destroyed by guilt, and he
enrich his character with incredible nuances that usually associated with the
we are fearful and guilt. You may feel pain across Joaquin
discharging dad seeking justice, but considers himself
unsatisfied by the system of law, and learns that sometimes the law and justice
conflicts among themselves, and offer little or no secular
protection, unlike diplomats as having their powers
provision. Jennifer Connelly in recent times plays nothing but hurt
wives / mothers / girlfriends (A Beautiful Mind, Hulk, Dark Water, Little Children
), so there is nothing really new in his role as her. But I would like to
just a few Elle Fanning. While his role here is quite simple
, I thought she had exhibited much more screen presence and likability
more than his illustrious sister of Dakota, which has
disappeared after his last exit in Charlotte ' ; s Web. We hope to reach more
Elle assuming a challenge child / adolescent roles in time to come.

Book road is recommended as an excellent
powerful drama with an excellent cast. Usually, films like these will
bawling mothers and the image of being a weepy drama, but in this case, the
the film switches focus to the love of parents towards their children, and
that makes it well worth seeing.

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