Mad Money

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(comedy, crime, thriller)
Download Movie Mad MoneyThree female employees of the Federal Reserve plot to steal money that is about to be destroyed.


Diane Keaton as Bridget Cardigan
Queen Latifah as Nina Brewster
Katie Holmes as Jackie Truman
Ted Danson as Don Cardigan
Roger R. Cross as Barry
Adam Rothenberg as Bob Truman
Clay Chamberlin as Waiter
Kip Cummings as Money Sorter
Dustin Estis as Administrative Tech
Travis Fontenot as Federal Reserve Employee
Maliek Golden as Young Dante
Michael J. Hebert as Federal Reserve Officer
Rodney Hill Jr. as Cop
Tron Kendrick as Fed Guy #2
Marc Macaulay as Agent Wayne
Callie Khouri

I came from film and my jaws hurt from all that laughter.
Incredible performance of all. The writing was good and, although he
Fun With Dick and Jane approach at the beginning of the film is
more than pleasant. Jokes are well developed and laugh constantly.
It is a pity that this people rated as low. I was reluctant to see him
because I found the film here first. I am happy I ignored the
low rating because it had a value of the cinema ticket. This is not the first time when
IMDb classification does not do justice to a movie. If you are in a spirit of
a comedy on a Saturday night of fantasy and a good laugh, go see this
and you will not be disappointed.
My friend and I were looking for a movie to see this weekend and
Mad Money is the only film that seemed fun. At the end of the
film, the audience was happy and we are happy, it was a fun and cute movie
. So I must say that I am very surprised by this rating on IMDb
hard, I mean, a 4.4? You have become a joke to me, this is not
film of the year, but for what it was, it was just a fun comedy
to see. There was no major problem with this
film that deserves this kind of skill that makes it look like
first major failure of the year. Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah, and Katie Holmes
were absolutely adorable together and had great chemistry. They
made the story of a Oceans Eleven for girls, sounds like a chick
Shake, but I think this is one more that might actually enjoy.

Bridget and her husband, Dan are important in debt, debt really bad, like
282,000 dollars in debt. They are about to lose all the same,
to Bridget gets a job as a goalkeeper for the bank financially. When she notices
, ultimately, torture of the way in which grinding spent the money, she
a good idea with the help of two other employees girl, and Nina
Jackie, to find a way to break the system and get the money to leave his
bad situations. Once they get what they need,
Bridget is so pleased with how smoothly everything has ido, she wants more and
go for it, but they must learn not to get so greedy because someone is in
its history.

Mad Money is a Chick Flick, but it is one of the few that I
desired. I do not think that is something wrong with this movie. I think
that might have explained the situation with the head of the bank
a little better, I do not know if it was or why, but it is something that could slide
think so. Queen Latifah was so much fun and
Diane Keaton is a perfect choice for Bridget, Katie Holmes is pretty decent
for comic relief. Please do not make the grade on IMDb
seriously, I think Mad Money was only a little
funny comedy that deserves a better chance.

6 / 10

Download Mad Money
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