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Download Movie Nightmare ManAfter receiving a mysterious demonic African mask in the mail, a woman is attacked by a "being" she refers to as The Nightmare Man. Her doctors and her husband believe she is a paranoid schizophrenic, but the terror has only just begun.


Tiffany Shepis as Mia
Blythe Metz as Ellen
Luciano Szafir as William
Hanna Putnam as Trinity
Jack Sway as Ed
Richard Moll as Captain McCormac
Aaron Sherry as Nightmare Man
Robert Donovan as Doctor Evans
Gwen Davis as Wendy Simmons
James Ferris as Jack
Rolfe Kanefsky

Not that I am saying this film was all wrong, but that was the highlight
and whether the sexy talk is the culmination of a horror movie then is not
much of a horror film at the end . The story of this woman who seems
have some problems in the civilian front. Their solution to the problems
seems to be the order of love God some mask, it seems that instead
send her the evil demon love God and mask throughout the film that
wander if this manifesto ion is real or not. She was being driven to the mental institution
to break her husband and she is apparently
stalked and attacked by this person or thing, while her husband is
get gas. Meanwhile, somewhere in the forest there is a house with two pairs
. Two very nice girls who are their friends and their boyfriends.
play truth or dare, and then the mad ... or not, girl ends
in their care. Well lets just say there is someone out there trying to reach their
quickly steals as a crossbow and manages
a boy while he was being Moon. However, I still do not know if the nightmare
mysterious man goes about girls or something else. The
husband is heading the cabin and shortly afterwards but so are the
police. This film had potential as do most horror movies and thus
many are confined to lose some things. On the positive side
get to see a couple of good kills, some nudity, and the end was pretty good
too. However, I was kind of hope for something more in line
say, a film Evil Dead instead of a typical
Slasher with a twist here and there. So far Afterdark of the three films in this new batch
this is the strongest, although, unfortunately, compared with the last batch
this would be a terrible tied with Penny as the weakest in my eyes.
Part of the horrorfest After Dark, and possibly the best of this crop.
Written and directed by Rolfe Kanefsky, a film with some very anxious
emotions and chills. Most of the acting is bad, but some nice looking
girls to watch. The murder scenes are imaginative, violent and
worth talking. Ellen (Blythe Metz) ordering the fertility of Africa
mask, but was sent by mistake one that is very demonic and looking
Horned. The mask has an evil spirit that exceeds Ellen, driving
his madness. On the way to a psychiatric hospital, her husband (Luciano Szafir
) runs out of gas and leave your car in to wait. She cree
she is taunted by his "Nightmare Man 'and ends up being pursued by
forest him. Finally, he finds refuge with two pairs of
holiday feast in a nice house in the middle of nowhere. Soon the 'nightmare
Man' seems to show Ellen is really dealing with an evil spirit with
kill his mind. Needless to say, with a body count begins and evil
race continues. The film is stolen by the character played by Mia
Tiffany Shepis. Also in the cast: James Ferris, Hanna Putnam, Jack Sway
Sherry and Aaron as the 'Man nightmare. "

Download Nightmare Man
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