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(comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Shanghai KissA struggling Chinese-American actor, who unwittingly finds himself involved with a high school girl, learns he has inherited his grandmother's home in Shanghai. The American-raised character moves to China in an attempt to connect with his ancestry, leaving behind quite possibly the only girl who has ever loved him.


Ken Leung as Liam Liu
Hayden Panettiere as Adelaide Bourbon
Kelly Hu as Micki Yang
Joel Moore as Joe Silverman
James Hong as Mark Liu
Kathleen Lancaster as Georgia
Lorna Scott as Casting Director
Spencer Redford as Jessica/Cute Blonde
Steve Connell as Casting Director
Brian Gardner as Young Handsome Guy
Timothy Bottoms as Adelaide's Father
Summer Altice as Virginia
Oliver Yan as Ling Ming
Byron Mann as Jai Li
Chen Li as Amy
Kern Konwiser

How can I begin to describe how great this movie is? I mean, the
the movie is simply amazing! So I decided to make the list. Here goes:

[1] The cast is absolutely incredible. Hayden Panettiere (who stars in the
Comic Heroes as Claire Bennet) is absolutely amazing!
His eyes shine when she smiles, and surely will melt the audience to the heart.
Ken also does a great job in his act. His smile is addictive to
and is charming, not in the George Clooney recently, but more like
Justin Long. Ah now, Kelly Hu also delivered the forefront of the action.
Credit to them all!

[2] The story is unique and refreshing: I must say that I have long
to see a movie that move away from cliches, predictable and forgettable
history. The story deeply touches my heart that I did
something very close to the characters and can almost feel his
feelings, as if I'm in his shoes. It is interwoven with many nice,
witty moments, and also many sad moments and sincere.

[3] The scenery is awesome! Usually, when I see Hollywood movies with scenes
Shanghai, I saw a dirty, smelly markets for the sale of pork
and rats, and people riding bicycles to get to their destinations.
I mean, Shanghai is listed as a place that is forgotten by the rapid pace of
globalized world in which we live today. However, in this film is shown
Shanghai as a place with beautiful buildings and places of interest
. It is a refreshing sight.

[4] is more than just a movie. This is the dilemma facing many expatriates
. They lead their lives outside their country of origin, and
return to his hometown definitely bring many memories, both good and
back. It also suggests a culture of
and roots. This film did exactly that.

Therefore, a total score of 10 out of 10 for this movie. It has to be top of the list
to all attendees, the movie! :)
This movie was not what I was expecting at all when he sat down to see
that. It seems that we are marketing it is a light romantic comedy,
that is one way: it is very funny and very romantic. But behind the
comedy, there are layers of sadness that reminds me of Woody Allen at his best
. Ken Leung of Liam could be the most complex character, and
Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver. Here is a guy who can not really emotional
connect to anything - her family, her Chinese heritage, women, perhaps
the world. All you really have is their friendship with a free spirit
girl named Adelaide (Hayden P), which attempts to reach him emotionally
open. Except that only 16 and can not be with her anyway. His father
(Lo Pan), whom he blames for his mother's death, he seeks
day and he said that his grandmother left him a house in Shanghai. Tan
decides to sell her and make some bank.

That is the basic configuration, which is fairly conventional, but what is intriguing is
Liam every decision made in the rest of the movie
. It is impulsive, impetuous, and is based solely on
Al Pacino / Scarface type gut instincts. Although intellectualizes
throughout the movie, it's as if he does not trust himself or his

For example, there is a scene toward the beginning, where
drink with a friend. His friend remembers a beautiful girl in the bar, and Liam
completely explosions, calling her fake. Then, last call, when
that has lost its buzz and emptiness and loneliness of living has crept into
he begins to talk to this girl, whom he married. Later, she is
next to him, making small talk and a tear runs in his face.
That seems shocking to me first, but after a time I knew exactly why
that has to mourn. The scene was handled very delicately and very few
actors could have pulled off. This is an interesting character
you can see him eat a meal for an hour and not get bored.

Hayden is cute and charming. His character is a dichotomy of maturity
and playful, often at the same time. There is a scene at the end
with her that almost heartbreaking. JD Moore is hilarious as a
that the writer fascinated by the opposite sex. I guess the weak link here is
Kelly Hu, who perfectly satisfactory, but it lacks depth
. In addition, his Chinese accent seemed to come and go at times.

The best part of the film is dialogue, which I think is the thing that made me
compare it to Woody Allen.

The film is not without flaws. As mentioned: Kelly Hu's performance, with the sub-
Byron Mann, the character at the end (I will not spoil IT)
seems contrived, some Stilt dialogue on the river (or never
Se), the scene where they will meet for the first time is something unbelievable
(Beverly Hills teenager taking the bus?),
Although their relationship was well developed.

I would say that this is love or hate type of movie. You'll love if you liked:
Lost in Translation, Garden State, Woody, from movies, Little Miss
Sun and other quirky indie comedies like that. Few things in the
plot can not be credible to some, but I doubt that anyone
say this is not fun.

Download Shanghai Kiss
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