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(action, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Silent TriggerAction superstar Dolph Lundgren (Universal Soldier) delivers big-screen entertainment in the adventure thriller that's loaded with special effects and hard-hitting action...SILENT TRIGGER! Lundgren plays a top political assassin who's teamed with a sexy female counterpart (gorgeous Gina Bellman) to gun down a target. But when emotions begin to cloud his thoughts, it sets off an explosive series of events leading to the ultimate climax of kill or be killed! From the director of Highlander and The Shadow, SILENT TRIGGER is action -packed entertainment that'll blow you away!


Dolph Lundgren as Waxman
Gina Bellman as Clegg
Conrad Dunn as Klein
Christopher Heyerdahl as O'Hara
Emma Stevens as Target Woman
Alexandria Haber as Peasant Girl
Reynald Robinson as Refugee
Dale Hayes as Refugee
Erin Simms as Refugee
Jonathan Robert Rondeau as Refugee
Carl Alacchi as Soldier
Jonathan Larocque as Soldier
Andreas Apergis as Soldier
Tim Post as Soldier
Jason Cavalier as Soldier
Russell Mulcahy

After reading other reviews I can say what some may not like about this

the film makes it a success for me. Great banda sound and musical score. Impressive
effects and tricks. This film swings back and forth near stillness for
total pandemonium. It is disconcerting agreeably. Predicting the next scene

is impossible. A film of survival of 5 stars. I agree this movie has a strange

quality, even exotic. All about Silent Trigger is excellent,
including those who act. I really liked the staging. You might like this movie
less visible if you need a plot and even a pace (is not here!).
Silent Trigger would be good in a trio including, for example, The Anderson Tapes
(Sean Connery and Dyan Cannon) and the peacemaker (George Clooney and

Nicole Kidman), because of contrasts and similarities in the three films. In any

rate appears to be a film that could use a balance, because you do have a piece
factor. So my advice is to synchronize with each other films
round display.
For me, one of Lundgrens best performances as a soldier and murderer
showing what is not so easy to leave the company. Kill or be killed. But
gives Hinds that something deeper. Therefore, the flashbacks that
spend time and place and shows how he became the lonely, tired
wolf who wants to leave this business. One other work to do. The goal is the same
. His latest "work" not because of the new era that spotted
connected with the organs most unnecessarily. But he sees that his goal
is not the only objective today. The new spotted is an old Fiend. In fact
the plot is not the work of a true genius, but this movie excitement. Not least
work Gina Bellman which gives the film a warm note in this
cold location and its character will be stronger than the viewer think
at the beginning of the film.

Download Silent Trigger
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