My Blueberry Nights

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(drama, romance)
Download Movie My Blueberry NightsA young woman takes a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way.


Norah Jones as Elizabeth
Jude Law as Jeremy
David Strathairn as Arnie
Natalie Portman as Leslie
Hector A. Leguillow as Cafe Cook
Rachel Weisz as Sue Lynne
Nate Bynum as Harlan
Chad R. Davis as Elizabeth's Boyfriend
Trent Dee as Police Sergeant
Geoff Falk as Lt. Mervyn
Bill Hollis as Doctor
Benjamin Kanes as Randy
Miller Pipkin as Cook
Markus Seaberry as Bar Patron
Kenon Walker as Bar Patron
Kar Wai Wong

This film is brilliant. Therefore, subtle and well prepared is the storytelling.
The cast is perfect. If you like Norah Jones and his music is
absolutely love this movie. This is the human emotion, growth,
wounded, yearning to find inner peace. All the emotions he brings to his songs
Norah Jones and the rest of the cast brings to this film. Every character represents another
"Life Lesson" Elizabeth (Norah Jones
character) to meet the needs to carry the peace you need to find.
Or at least an understanding of it is that she can be happy with
. What makes the ending this wonderful start.

Jude Law is his usual charm embrace English person. Rachel Weisz and Natalie Portman
achieve so much with so small roles.
David Strathairn is perfectly cast and is just an incredible player.
The director did an incredible job pace of the film to
absorb every moment of reflection at the hearing. The picture is so
exquisite in its detail and the importance of subtle meaning.

Should this movie is not really happening in Hollywood
fall into the pitfalls of so many indie movies where the film becomes the brooding
or cynical. Throughout his journey is Elizabeth; your best self.
Like his music, you sometimes feel melancholy feel,
sometimes feel the hope and desire, the longing for love or lack of
confidence in oneself. But after all thoughts, so that
will be happy with the experience. The only thing missing from this
the film was a huge Van Morrison song as "at midnight" or "Someone like you
" to add to the atmosphere. I think we have not seen any of Wong Kar Wai's
() the director films, but I hope to see them all
now. The start to finish, this film is brilliant.
Wong Kar-Wai's first English language film. Nora
Elizabeth Jones stars as a young woman who walks into Cafe Jude Law after his
Landfills of her boyfriend. After several nights there eating blueberry pie
beyond the heads of the road where it meets a policeman in Memphis and a
player in Nevada.

decidedly uneven mix of a movie that does not add much.
Kar-Wai's beautiful camera work produces great images, but some
their time use of slow motion is used more to the point you want to hit
fast-forward to you see something at normal speed. How is the film shot
also produces a sense too crowded. Much of the sequence
Jude Law seems to have been shot through the windows of the cafeteria and
of an angle. Memphis The sequence is like that too.

The story about relationships rarely comes to life over to
fits and starts. Her every moment is not a movie as a whole. I have no idea why
Elizabeth will travel other than as an excuse to deal with people they know
. It fragments of the film and takes us away from the most interesting thing in the movie
chats with Jude Law.

The cast is good with the top down and Natalie Portman on how
player who meets Norah Jones (right at the beginning, but improvement since going
) in Nevada and travels around with her. Rachel Weisz
Memphis as the wife of the police is far from English herself as a woman with a thick Southern accent

The joy of the film is the music. This is an impressive banda sonora
that drives the movie when the script allows the stems everything else. Follow
only going to listen to music.

the weakest of Kar Wai films I've seen. It is not a good movie here
but it needs to be renewed. (I would love to see Jude Law
bits in a different context)

Download My Blueberry Nights
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