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(comedy, drama, fantasy, sci-fi)
Download Movie Slipstream"Slipstream" is a noir-comedy about an actor and would-be screenwriter, who at the very moment of his meeting with Fate, comes to discover that life is random and fortune is sightless as he is thrown into a vortex where time, dreams, and reality collide in an increasingly whirling slipstream. The film will be a complex, surreal and dreamlike tale of one man's journey.


Stella Arroyave as Gina
Lisa Pepper as Tracy
Michael Clarke Duncan as
Dana Generally as Stand In
Saginaw Grant as Man at Gas Station
Gavin Grazer as Gavin
Anthony Hopkins as Felix Bonhoeffer
Christopher Lawford as Lars
John Littlefield as Burt
William Lucking as Det. Buzz Larabee
Kevin McCarthy as Himself
Ken Millen as Dr. Stu Cohen
Richard F. Putnam as Assistant Cameraman Dan
Thell Reed as The Armourer
Michael R. Robinson as Mort
Anthony Hopkins

Most fast and flashy MTV-inspired editing is unbearable for me. Anyone
is a dimension as the John Woo "Paycheck," where there is only
a chain of care to follow, designed by the director, or is a claustrophobic
idiocy similar to the last fifteen minutes of Saw III -
movies where the cut of the film or camera movement has
sound effects. I knew almost nothing about when you wake it, and
was surprised to see a movie where the quick edit found open and refreshing. She is an expert
did, with some of the most virtuous that the sound editing
ever heard, but instead of insisting on the rapid construction of cuts
brutal awareness of deep sleep. The film itself is flawed, since it is a
mixture of both. One of these is probably the original idea, a bit like
comedy about a writer of films that interact with your own movie.
The other is the fantastic scenes that emerged, of which the first scenes
with a queue of traffic and a madman is the best example.
Is done in a way that is similar to the way our minds strong store memories, such as
of children. The act in the movie is too large, with the exception of some overacting
allegedly intended to show funny
Hollywood film producers and directors. However, that belongs to the original idea
, Anthony Hopkins, who should have been abandoned along the
Thus, instead of developing the work of art that almost turned into this.
This film is another example that just because something is
unique style and even rhetorically clever, May
the final result was not really that much. Anthony Hopkins directs a movie about Anthony Hopkins
writing a film that is assumed by a character actor and
re-directed. In theory, this is all happening in Anthony Hopkins'
(well, the character Felix, but it really is just Anthony Hopkins)
head at the time it was hit by a car. In other words, has its
references and the basis of a long history of the equally stylish
metafictional works of "Blood of a Poet" by David Lynch for
"Adaptation." Just really is not all that interesting, or even very good

Basically, expect to get bored of all self-referential camera jumps
and effects rapidly. From the moment the film begins through the
time they finish, is not a rhythm entirely by the camera clicks, jump cuts, and in this sense
breaking the continuity (later the film gives The reason for this
explaining that the continuity of the script supervisor was fired).
Although this movie is called Dream stela (I dream of the coup
out, giving some evidence that Hopkins may have read "The house of leaves,"
which is cool), I do not call sleep very similar because it is too excessively
film. Despite the fact that certain species of film critic
which states that every film is dreamlike, very few films actually quit successfully
a dream or trance-like state, and this movie
definitely is definitely not one of them.

Hopkins One thing is good, however, is performance, and is similar
out good performances from his cast. This is a good thing, because
long after editing style has left
catch our attention, the characters are really expressive and interesting
enough to hold us through the final analysis, ended up pedant.
And for many viewers, the final will be a relief, because it explains in a concise
that does not really leave much to need to go back to watching the movie
to "figure out", so to speak .

In general, do not really mind watching, and I think it is something
entertaining, in turn, I think that people who are not familiar with
this genre of film are fascinating. But there are SO
much out there that is like this, only better. So if you were forced
by this movie, see some Lynch, Roeg, and so on. And if not,
not worry, it's not that "you do not succeed."

- PolarisDiB

Download Slipstream
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