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Download Movie TestamentNuclear war in the United States is portrayed in a realistic and believable manner. The story is told through the eyes of a woman who is struggling to take care of her family. The entire movie takes place in a small suburban town outside San Francisco. After the nuclear attack, contact with the outside world is pretty much cut off.


Jane Alexander as Carol Wetherly
William Devane as Tom Wetherly
Rossie Harris as Brad Wetherly
Roxana Zal as Mary Liz Wetherly
Lukas Haas as Scottie Wetherly
Philip Anglim as Father Hollis Mann
Lilia Skala as Fania Morse
Leon Ames as Henry Abhart
Lurene Tuttle as Rosemary Abhart
Rebecca De Mornay as Cathy Pitkin
Kevin Costner as Phil Pitkin
Mako as Mike
Mico Olmos as Larry
Gerry Murillo as Hiroshi
J. Brennan Smith as Billdocker
Lynne Littman

Most of the positive comments listed here reflect my opinion of this movie
(subtle, powerful, honest, depressing), so I'm not going to beat the dead horse
and describe how great of a this movie is.

just wanted to add that the James Horner score, one of his first, is
frankly brilliant and deserves an official publication on CD. Listen to and treated as
it the basis for most of its future "dramatic" scores,
such as "Titanic" and "Apollo 13".

James Horner is one of the few composers who can do
mourn with his music alone, and I think it is because it reminds me of this movie when I hear it

SPOILER ***** *****< br>
The scene in which the young Japanese boy (a remarkable performance, taking into account that
is mentally in real life and it is surprising that
never mentioned in any of these comments) believes that the bear toy missing
possibly caused the most emotional response from me that I have experienced
while watching a movie.

Testament, as of this date, is surely the saddest movie I have ever seen
. I've never been more emotionally exhausted. They are ending up
up there with the original "Resurrection" as one of the most disturbing endings
I have ever seen.
Forget Jason and Freddie, if you want a real horror film
I recommend this because I think it will keep most people awake normal
long into the night. This film is not based on blood or violence
to get his message across, but that takes the familiar scene of a young
loving family who live in a united city and close landfills in the < br> harsh, terrible realities of nuclear war with no mercy for
either the good or the innocent.

'Testament' is a story of what would happen if a nuclear attack
devastated America and how half the people who have no military training or
like, which cope. No virus
to fix things or there is some hunky, muscular hero to save the day;
people are left to fend for themselves in a world changed forever, in
conditions to be relentless and demoralizing.
The film revolves mainly around the Wetherly family, composed of parents, Carol and Tom -
and their three children, fourteen-year-old Mary Liz, twelve-year-old Brad
and six years old, Scottie and not packages of coups
the fate of this small group.

For a movie that could not have had a huge budget, not only is the
script of good quality, but so was the acting. Jane Alexander
is excellent as Carol, a mother trying to see his family through this
disaster, seeing as the city around it decreases as people die of radiation poisoning
or to flee the Pastors safer. However, Ross Harris
definitely deserves recognition for their part, young people like Brad.
By him, we can see how a child compared to that case and
how the innocence of childhood is brought to an abrupt end as Brad
is compelled to take the role of an adult for the sake of his family.

After watching 'Testament', I do not think I will ever stop to think really
the issues raised and how it is vital that the
Governments of all countries to do anything and everything so we can never
to deal with such an event in real life.
Is very exciting and terrifying in a way that no horror movie can be.
And if you want to add to her trauma, I see the 'Yarn'
(the same situation only set in England and cooling in a way that makes
this movie to be a bag laughter) and 'The Day After. "

Download Testament
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