Virgin Territory

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(adventure, comedy, drama, romance)
Download Movie Virgin TerritoryYoung Florentines regale one another in the Italian countryside while the black plague decimates their city.


Hayden Christensen as Lorenzo
Mischa Barton as Pampinea
Christopher Egan as Dioneo
Tim Roth as Gerbino
Silvia Colloca as Sister Lisabetta
Ryan Cartwright as Ghino
Andrea Celani as Count's Men
Tommaso Cini as Panfilo
Federico Ciuffolini as Count's Men
Neil Edmond as Thin Bandit
Justin Edwards as Sensible Bandit
Rupert Friend as Alessandro Felice
Diego Guerra as Gerbino's Men on wall
David Leland as Ricciardo
Riccardo Merra as Dead Man on Cart
David Leland

As a big fan of classic swashbucklers i did not expect much from this film
and that is why I liked it very much. It's very low budget,
but has some decent sword fights. In addition to his
filled with beautiful woman (actually beautiful) and yes, quite nudity. But in
not offensive and very charming. Mischa Barton is looking great
as a historical figure (better than perfect-teeth to Keira Knightley
PotC, P & P) and Hayden is quite good with his sword and better
swashbuckling hero who, For example, Heith Ledger in Casanova
or Orlando Bloom. the film is nothing but a great fun. its very entertaining
with the simple things: swords and love. i enjoyed a lot. In fact the first century swashbuckler
entertaining 21.
Of course, this movie will never win an Oscar, but this is not what
goals. Its aim is to entertain the audience with a certain amount of
nudity and sexual innuendo, and that makes it quite well I must say.
Mischa Barton and Hayden Christensen act their roles quite well, only
as Tim Roth, and basically I can say that if you want a night
light entertainment, this film can provide.

is inspired by Decameron, Boccaccio, and if I have to
find a problem with the movie, is the Italian title for him, because
Indeed, references to the Decameron are not so many,
but at the same time, the situation of a group of youths who leave Florence
for the plague is the same, so I guess that could be accepted. However,
is all "adventures" these people go through once they leave the city
that makes the film somewhat interesting and fun.

know who is going to see again in the future.

Download Virgin Territory
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