Wristcutters: A Love Story

Download Wristcutters: A Love Story
(comedy, drama, fantasy, romance)
Download Movie Wristcutters: A Love StoryA film set in a strange afterlife way station that has been reserved for people who have committed suicide.


Patrick Fugit as Zia
Shannyn Sossamon as Mikal
Shea Whigham as Eugene
Tom Waits as Kneller
Will Arnett as Messiah
Leslie Bibb as Desiree
John Hawkes as Yan
Mikal P. Lazarev as Nanuk
Sarah Roemer as Rachel
Abraham Benrubi as Erik
Azura Skye as Tania
Nick Offerman as Max
Mark Boone Junior as Mike
Jake Busey as Brian
Clayne Crawford as Jim
Goran Dukic

Sombría film and a depressing death after death. Lots of nice little touches
, as with music - which only pick up on it after
talk with people about it. From what I understand not completely faithful to
the book, although I have not read. Good humor, strangely due to improved

Saw in this Sundance this year, was one of the best we saw 3. Patrick Fugit
was brilliant. Shannon was also strong. If you like the dark films,
you will not be disappointed. You can not make comments on technical aspects of the film,
because I am not in the industry.

Summary: Great cast, good writing. Fun for all time.
Sometimes we find beauty in the strangest places, and, remarkably for
that horrible title, probably Wristcutters arguably be a more edifying
affirmation of life, hidden in a serious extravagant
black humor. Set in an afterlife reserved for people who commit suicide
, which seems crazy that contain nuggets of truth
of oddball characters, including Zia, looking for the love of his life, Mikal, a < br> accidental visitor, Eugene, a Russian musician who
electrocuted himself on the stage of being badly disrupted, and the weird and wonderful
Kneller, played by the always mysterious Tom Waits.

Zia slits her wrist quickly and wakes up in a world like this
one, except that the colors are rather washed and nobody smiles.
abandoning its work in Kamikaze Pizza to the search for his former love
Desirée, and soon makes friends with close and Eugene Mikal, who
accompany him on one of the strangest road trips since Dorothy lost
his innocence in the Wizard of Oz.

What gives Wristcutters its edge, are frequent, addictively
interesting, and not immediately fathom symbols that keep growing and pressing
far as in any good film that yearns for the condition worship:
as the black hole under the passenger seat where things just disappear
. We just know that the place - how many things you have lost
? Then there are people who are just too strange that has
dreamed up in the back of a paycheck Hollywood: as throat singing
mute, the dead again Messiah, or the police still have
a hole in his head.

There is a significant temptingly logic at work that will let you
assembling the pieces together long after the film has ended.
Explain how to perform small miracles for the Lovelorn Zia, Kneller
he said: "While you want, so bad, not going to happen -
the only way it will work if they Does not matter. . . "Soon
start looking for clues and not in this crazy world and here Mikal
(played by the very low-rated Shannyn Sossamon) looks like a good bet
- But then if nobody did let your imagination run wild enough.

religious orthodoxy behind the latest ideas is a Wristcutters
weakness, but it is light and subtly put heart
to be harmless for most viewers.

If the stars in their sky have left for a while, perhaps
treat yourself to this very well produced and Zany history to establish them in the fire
again. Wristcutters - a love story is at once touching, hilarious,
stimulant and a very pleasant ride.

Download Wristcutters: A Love Story
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