The Fly II

Download Fly II, The
(horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie The Fly IISeth Brundle was a research scientist whose genes were fused with a housefly in a matter transmission experiment and he transformed into the terrifying mutant creature "Brundlefly" and the journalist who he fell in love with, Vernoica Quaife killed him by blowing out his brains with a shotgun. Veronica has died giving birth to Seth's son Martin. Martin is raised by Seth's evil employer Anton Bartok who requires Martin's help to solve the problems of the Telepods, believing the Telepods are the key for worldwide domination. Growing at a accelerated rate and inheriting his father's mutated genes, Martin finds himself suffering his father's fate as he himself transforming into a even more fierce and terrifying "Brundlefly". Befriend by beautiful computer specialist Beth Logan, Martin sets out a way to cure himself, as the answer lies within the Telepod which is his only chance of saving himself from a terrible death.


Eric Stoltz as Martin Brundle
Daphne Zuniga as Beth Logan
Lee Richardson as Anton Bartok
John Getz as Stathis Borans
Frank C. Turner as Shepard
Ann Marie Lee as Dr. Jainway
Gary Chalk as Scorby
Saffron Henderson as Veronica 'Ronnie' Quaife
Harley Cross as 10 Year Old Martin
Matthew Moore as 4 Year Old Martin
Rob Roy as Wiley
Andrew Rhodes as Hargis
Pat Bermel as Mackenzie
William S. Taylor as Dr. Trimble
Jerry Wasserman as Simms
Chris Walas

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