13 Moons

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Download Movie 13 MoonsThe director of such off-beat independent films as In the Soup, director Alexandre Rockwell once again teams with that film's star to deliver this Los Angeles-based comedy concerning superstition and intersecting lives. Things aren't looking so good for television clown Banana's (Steve Buscemi) career, and the fact that his estranged wife, Suzi (Jennifer Beals), has just been arrested for assaulting his girlfriend, Lily (Karyn Parsons), just serves to compound Banana's despair. Teaming with sidekick Binky (Peter Dinklage) to enlist the aid of bail-bondsman Mo (David Proval), Banana and Binky discover that Mo is currently negotiating the release of hip-hop mogul Lenny's (Daryl Mitchell) wife, Sandra (Rose Rollins). The hapless group soon teams to help Mo by finding a suitable kidney donor for the bail-bondsman's ailing son, and though they quickly happen across a drunk (Peter Stormare) who fits the bill, the trouble comes in keeping the prospect in the hospital. Doing their best to help Mo's son under increasingly chaotic circumstances, personal tensions flare as each character desperately tries to simultaneously battle their own inner demons.


Jennifer Beals as Suzi
Elizabeth Bracco as Louise Potter
Steve Buscemi as Bananas The Clown
Peter Dinklage as Binky
Daryl Mitchell as Lenny
Karyn Parsons as Lily
David Proval as Mo Potter
Rose Rollins as Sanandra
Peter Stormare as Slovo
Pruitt Taylor Vince as Owen
Gareth Williams as Thad
Austin Wolff as Timmy
Francesco Messina as Robert
Sam Rockwell as Rick
Matthew Sussman as Doctor Monroe
Alexandre Rockwell

Download 13 Moons
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