Confessions of a Pop Performer

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Download Movie Confessions of a Pop PerformerEither you've got it or you haven't - some like randy young Timothy Lea (Robin Askwith), manage to get it all the time! Signing up with a pop group, our boisterous hero progresses rapidly from local gigs to scoring a titillating hit with The Climax Sisters, with plenty of ribald adventures along the way! A classic for those who want to know how to "get more" out of music!


Robin Askwith as Timothy Lea
Anthony Booth as Sidney Noggett
Bill Maynard as Mr. Lea
Doris Hare as Mrs. Lea
Sheila White as Rosie Noggett
Lin Harris as Jason Noggett
Bob Todd as Mr. Barnwell
Jill Gascoine as Mrs. Barnwell
Peter Jones as Maxy Naus
Carol Hawkins as Jill Brown
Peter Cleall as Nutter Normington
Richard Warwick as Petal
David Auker as Zombie
Maynard Williams as Eric
Mike King as Blow
Norman Cohen

A recent television documentary appeared to suggest that the main
to the public "confessions" were the films of old men in grubby Mac. No
so. The teenagers were. When 'Pop artist went, I was one of many
young people loitering nervously outside the theater where he was playing,
FAG in hand, trying to gather enough courage to go and buy a < br> ticket. The movies may not have been well written or acted - no-one gave a
about things then - but if you are under eighteen years and that he
seen a 'Confessions' film, you were a hero to his classmates. They were also great
'date' movies. If you want to go out for a while and
not reached beyond kissing, which took your girlfriend to a
'Confessions' film in the hope that it would act as a kind of
aphrodisiac. Of course you do not dare leave her sex was a farce. "It's a comedy
. "I remember saying to my girl:" Bob Todd in it. You know, he
off 'Benny Hill'. " She was not impressed. We saw 'Herbie Walking Again'
for the second time instead. The relationship ended shortly thereafter.
Why do people insist on being so "holy than you" about this genre
escapes me.
It's good escapist entertainment. Stand Askwith and are having a little fun with the girls

scoring and a lot of laughs in the process. From a more innocent age
sensitivities, these films rank as some of the funniest ever made, along with

Go ahead, Benny Hill, Are You Being Served etc, etc, and Girls!

Stop analyzing and just enjoy! In the meantime, if anyone would like to re
open the series with "Confessions of a film critic," I love the Askwith

Download Confessions of a Pop Performer
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