Americanizing Shelley

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(comedy, romance)
Download Movie Americanizing ShelleyA wannabe Hollywood player sets out to Americanize an Indian girl from the Himalayas.


Namrata Singh Gujral as Shalini Singh/Shelley
Beau Bridges as Gary Gordon
Brad Raider as Rob Shorwell
RonReaco Lee as Blaine
Phillip Rhys as Neil Brar
Wil Wheaton as Director Alan Smithee
Erin Hershey as Nicole
Shaheen Khan as Kirat Singh
Ajay Mehta as Jaspal Singh
Tony Yalda as Happy Singh
Noureen DeWulf as Littly Singh
Morgan Brittany as Georgina
Robert M. Rey as Elastic Surgeon
Lenora Chu as Smithee's party girl
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as Ryder
Lorraine Senna

This film has offended me on so many levels, it is incredible! The only thing less
good of the film is that it looks beautiful
Gujral on screen, but that is hardly the saving grace when I heard that she
was also the writer!

To start the filmmakers conveniently assumed that the public has no idea what
as ever about India and its culture, ancient or contemporary
. The filmmakers are able to trivialize all aspects of Indian culture
That reference. In this global world with so much
interaction between countries and cultures is terrible to see these
trivialization of Indian culture. It's hard to believe that the Indians
were associated with this movie, this movie is able to show the Indians
in a worse light of what Peter Sellers was able to do with his fake Indian accent

The story, direction and acting in this movie is horrible. His
surprising that the film was even released. Gujral did not ever expect to write a screenplay,
at least nothing that even remotely deals with India.
Just a horrible movie.
Americanizing Shelly is one of the "Beast Movies Makeover"
of our times. BTW, I am a big fan of the films Makeover. I love watching "
before and after" type of thing in films, television programs ... almost nothing.
In fact, I am a little addicted to these things and try them out. Even the love
shows like The Swan and Dr. 90210. My friends and I love Kim Kardashian
(KUWTK and never lose), because of how she is beautiful (even if you have
never really done anything in the movies). But it looks like what
most of us aspire to, but not ... BTW that does not mean that all
A disgruntled. We just appreciate beautiful people looking like some other
appreciate beautiful art or beautiful scenery.

With this in mind, my friends and I have compiled a list of "Top 10
MOVIES Makeover" of recent times (after 1995).

And here they are: (in random order) 1) CLUELESS 2) PRETTY WOMAN 3) LA
Devil Wears Prada 4) JOHN TUCKER must die 5) in Manhattan MAID 6) MI
Big Fat Greek WEDDING 7) SHE is all that 8) Miss 9) MEDIA
GIRLS 10) Americanize SHELLEY ING.

Though, personally ... CLUELESS is # 1 and all others are # 2.

I am also preparing a list of "Top 10 Movies
Makeover" of all times (before 1995). Please do not post a message
me to vote for their "TOP 10 MOVIES Makeover" before 1995. And yes, I SO COMPLETELY
recommend this film (if you have not seen
is) ... if you like "movies Makeover" or not.

Download Americanizing Shelley
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