Before the Devil Knows You're Dead

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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Before the Devil Knows You're DeadNeeding extra cash, two brothers conspire to pull off the perfect, victimless crime. No guns, no violence, no problem. But when an accomplice ignores the rules and crosses the line, his actions trigger a series of events in which no one is left unscathed.


Philip Seymour Hoffman as Andy
Ethan Hawke as Hank
Albert Finney as Charles
Marisa Tomei as Gina
Rosemary Harris as Nanette
Aleksa Palladino as Chris
Michael Shannon as Dex
Amy Ryan as Martha
Brian F. O'Byrne as Bobby
Blaine Horton as Justin
Arija Bareikis as Katherine
Leonardo Cimino as William
Lee Wilkof as Jake
Damon Gupton as Doctor
Adrian Martinez as Security Guard
Sidney Lumet

After a sex scene in cold, between Andy and Gina, in South America, which
know that Andy is a payroll manager who is in a difficult economic situation
in which he badly needs money Extra ... We also discover that
has been robbed of their work and use the money for
their drug habits ... He is also trying to maintain contact with his wife, who
could only be a matter ...

To solve all their problems, he persuades his brother-a-nice
loser to join him in a scheme to rob his own father in the small shop ...
His parents are happily married and the owner of a jewelry
located in New York's Westchester County ... Sixty thousand dollars
everything you'll need to get your life outside of despair ...

main three characters are important in this movie ...

At first the two brothers ... Each is a complex individual,
threatened with multiple motivations, and plunged into the doubts and disappointments
... The two characters are desperate, financially and emotionally

Andy is selfish ... He feels that he has never had the love of his father ...
He is the corruption of influence, turning his brother in an aggressor,
and his beautiful wife in a adulteress ...

Hank is a puppet too weak to resist his brother ... the wishes of his ex-wife
is one of the reasons why they need the money owed to hundreds of people in their child support
.... He longs to regain the confidence they once had with his father

The third is its tired and deplorable Hanson
father Charles (Albert Finney), especially at the disturbing scenes weather ...

say more about the details could lessen the impact of the film,
and, therefore, entertainment ...

Tomei's performance conveys great depth and emotion, even with your eyes,
his tact, his particular move ...

the direction of Lumet is firm, fresh and brutal.
Director Sidney Lumet has made some masterpieces, like the Red Day, dogs
Afernoon or Serpico.But, was not having much luck in his most recent
works.Gloria (1999) was pathetic and was found guilty
an interesting, but not experiment.Now, Lumet brings his best movie in decades
and, for my point of view, a true masterpiece: Before the Devil Knows
which is Dead.I think this movie is like a rebirth for Lumet.This
the film has an excellent story that deeply, has many layers.Also, I think
the end of the movie perfect.The
performances are brilliant. Philip Seymour Hoffman brings, as usual,
a magnificent performance and is undoubtedly one of the best actors of our days.Ethan
Hawke is also an excellent actor but is underestimated by my point of
view.His performance here is great.The rest of the cast is also excellent
(particularly the great Albert Finney), but the two actors
monumental performances that were sadly ignored by the pathetic
Oscars.The movie has a good level of intensity, thanks in part to the
performances and partly thanks to the brilliant screenplay.Before
the Devil knows you're dead is a true masterpiece with a perfect direction ,
A great script and an excellent performances.We
need more movies like this.

Download Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
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