Martian Child

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Download Movie Martian ChildA science-fiction writer, recently widowed, considers whether to adopt a hyper-imaginative 6-year-old abandoned and socially rejected boy who says he's really from Mars.


John Cusack as David
Bobby Coleman as Dennis
Amanda Peet as Harlee
Sophie Okonedo as Sophie
Joan Cusack as Liz
Oliver Platt as Jeff
Bud as Somewhere aka Flomar
Richard Schiff as Lefkowitz
Taya Calicetto as Esther
David Kaye as Andy
Braxton Bonneville as Nicholas
Samuel Charles as Jonas
Zak Ludwig as Young David
Samuel Patrick Chu as Boy at Group Home
Ryan Morrissette as Boy at Group Home
Menno Meyjes

With John Cusack, I found great performances and amazing films, as well as
film that left much to be desired. This film was perhaps
one of his best films and performances more satisfying since "Say Anything ...
"in 1989. This film has perfect juxtaposition that is in
the same rule as "Little Miss Sunshine." The film that hits hard,
makes you think, and just as it is about to mourn - something
Outrageously funny happens and you are laughing too hard to even think of
mourn. Bobby Coleman is perfect in her role - funny, poignant, and
subtly portrays a character that many children are over-acting, giving
Dennis credibility and relatablity it deserves.
His performance is reminiscent of Johnny Depp in "Benny and Joon," and this boy was
just won the greatest number of hearts. Both actors portray their characters perfectly
and work so incredibly well together
that their performances are seamless. This film is one of the best I've seen in a long time
. It is truly a work of universal domain.
I was able to catch this movie during a sneak preview a couple of weeks ago.
I really had no idea what the movie would be about because I had not seen many trailers
and only knew the elements of the history of the synopsis I read
in Rotten Tomatoes. So I went with a pretty clean slate.

The film jumps right into things and do not really have a great
pit stops. It was subsequently charged with history and I think that is the thing
I appreciate the most about it. We are not overly weighted with sub-
emotional and strange scenes. We are given exactly what
need to form a relationship with all the characters.

Film is changed some of the book is based on.
Mainly that the main character played by John Cusack is a widower instead of
homosexual. In the end, it really does not matter the sexuality of the
Cusack character, which creates the connection with his son
is fantastic to see develop. They are the same, but different in that it is a
land, in reality, and the other on Mars, where some. Both are
individuals in a world that does not want different, all the
want to do exactly what was expected.

loved the movie, buy some time to come DVD.

Download Martian Child
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