Grandma's Boy

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Download Movie Grandma's BoyWhen his roommate spends the rent money on Filipino hookers. Alex, a 35 year video game tester has to find a new place to live. After a "encounter" with his friends mom, Alex is forced to move in with his grandmother. Trying to save face with his younger co-workers, Alex says that he is living "with three hot babes" (meaning his grandmother and her two roommates).


Linda Cardellini as Samantha
Allen Covert as Alex
Peter Dante as Dante
Shirley Jones as Grace
Shirley Knight as Bea
Joel Moore as J.P.
Kevin Nealon as Mr. Cheezle
Doris Roberts as Grandma Lilly
Nick Swardson as Jeff
Jonah Hill as Barry
Kelvin Yu as Kane
Chuck Church as Dan
Scott Halberstadt as Co-Worker #1 Bobby
Heidi Hawking as Milk Maid
Shana Hiatt as Pamela Mills
Nicholaus Goossen

Stoner one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. Even though
love movies such as Harold and Kumar go to White Castle.
I have to say this is a lot of fun. With snappy lines from the movie was great. The fact
Decent movie plot just what it takes to be a classic
flick.i Stoner went to rent this movie with low expectations and when
had finished watching the movie, even my father (who is a little strict)
I thought it was very funny. See this film. I was surprised to see this movie
had only a 6.6 on and see all the comments that were negative
. All in all this was a great movie and I would suggest that
nobody likes a fun-loving silly movie. oh IMO and I think
NO boy look like Mel Gibson!
All i admit though this is not a film that would be nice for
those with "high brow" humor. However, people with "high" (aka pot / Stoner)
humor that absolutely love this movie. This film received High Times
Film of the Year. For those who enjoy movies such as Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison
, Super troops, and Harold and Kumar, what would
absolutely love this movie and are peeing their pants.

This film, while no plot, no sacrifices humor. Adam Sandler
clearly just split with this movie because of its content
democracy in drugs.

Anybody in their teens to thirty kinds of love that this movie. Or anyone who enjoys
"dirty" humor. The unrated version of this movie is ridiculous
and special features are so good.
With hilarious comedy, fun and goofs.

Honestly this movie is a duty of vigilance, especially with a taste for this
outbreaks, or those who enjoy drug-induced lifestyle, this film will knock your
socks off, and for those who enjoy the occasional beer and enjoy the day
upper class this movie is a duty of care.

I'm sorry if my comment is incoherent I'm very messy HAHAHA ... ....
of life within the true nature of the film ... alive ... Frankenstein

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