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(comedy, drama, horror)
Download Movie Hood of HorrorA hip hop horror anthology of three tales of terror told by the Hound of Hell (Snoop Dogg) that revolve around the residents of an inner-city neighborhood whose actions determine where they will go in the afterlife.


Snoop Dogg as HOH/Devon
Ernie Hudson as Roscoe
Danny Trejo as Derelict
Pooch Hall as Sod
Anson Mount as Tex Jr
Daniella Alonso as Posie
Lin Shaye as Clara
Brande Roderick as Tiffany
Richard Gant as Jackson
Aries Spears as Quon
Dallas Page as Jersey
Jeffrey Licon as Nib
Noel Gugliemi as Fatcap
Sydney Tamiia Poitier as Wanda
Tucker Smallwood as Stevens
Stacy Title

I did not even light a stop away from my DVD rental store when
waiting in the passenger seat when my two-day rental of
Snoop Dogg Hood of Horror and lay uttered aloud, " What was the fudge
I thinking? "To my warning before the beef meat of the review, I will
come clean and say that I am not a hip-hop fan. I could find Snoop Dogg
interesting and even funny at times (when I met him in the
late night television talk shows) but is not linin "In no ticket counter
looking to score bracelet for his next concert, if you know what I'm
sense. His act is a give-and-take option. It was in
horror before 2001 with the bones of where he did extensive work of non
puts me to sleep, but the face of it, the best we had in Snoop
was stupid comedies like Soul Plane and Starsky and Hutch, and both
carnations, who played well only to himself.

Strike two against an objective review was the fact that Hood of Horror
is the fact that this is an anthology. Pinch
three stories in 84 minutes is like trying to Squished a marshmallow through a keyhole.
finally get through, but at the end wonder if
worth the effort. Like Twilight Zone: The Movie or Creepshow 2,
and movies that deal with long histories of multiple crops Television in a compilation
masked as a characteristic of long duration.

Strike three was the detailing of the three stories in the back of the DVD cover
. The three stories are about as original as a Lindsey Lohan
drug arrest. I immediately thought: "Why should I invest time in a movie
that does not seem that the time invested in any new creative ideas? "But
I was there. It was Saturday night and the Misses and I just had a
argument over who was the best among the
director John Carpenter and Rob Zombie. She decided to pout up and see The Devil's Rejects
while retreated to the basement (better known as the "dungeon"), where
the cover art on Hood of Horror won along any pay-per-view porn
that would have been a fast track option 2.

If I had my life to live over again ... ..

Hood horror of the first story surrounds a young 'S a quarter where
revenge his mother and father fell for the' ole murder
number of suicides . As a young Posi (Daniella Alonso) increased, apparently
their hatred of their environment within its heavy. When faced with three
street thugs who mark their territory by the city of
spray painting walls, Posi tries to assert its own feet, which will hold their lands in the
the company always watchable Danny Trejo, which is nice enough to adorn
it with a tattoo that gives you the power to erase these hoodlums
the face of the earth in chart fashion simply because their X'ing
graffiti with red paint. Booooooooorrrrrring! Thus, in about 14 minutes
are slightly entertaining, as it will go to 1-2-3, while
a stupid line like "What ... .. Waste beer "are wadi with both humor as a
Michael Vick dog park.

Tale of Two are not much better. The center around a heinous act
heir to a fortune that must live with his father's army
me for a year before reaping the benefits of their inheritance. The story was so ridiculous
and so upset that not even waste my time going into detail
. Even a two-line "Any of Jiffy Pop" and "That's my kind of
Redneck" are comments that are made even
Schwarzenegger blush.

The third and last act seemed to be the shortest and "thank God for
that! "As I swarm in and out of consciousness concerned, it seems
the story is about a rap artist who had to pay for all his bad deeds
of the past. When a former friend and now-No visitor from Hell
back for a visit, the rapper returns to his evil and ultimately
believes his disappearance in fashion and not boring. Jason Alexander of Seinfeld fame
is about a cameo that was about as misplaced as
Ozzy Osbourne would be like an English Teacher.

Snoop Hood of Horror is not the worst horror film I've seen in a
at the same time, but it was close. Without any stories or is worth remembering
scenes is worth a pause, she felt as an excuse for 80 minutes to advance
hip-hop/rap some new songs. And if the best part of the film is the animation
intro, then you can guess how down and how fast this movie
Now first things first, I love Snoop as a Rap artist, but most of its
album "Doggystyle" is the quintessential rap album. Now, this movie is terrible
in many ways. The acting is some of the worst I've seen
. The address is worse than a soap opera, and the stories are
pointless and boring. I can see why this went straight to DVD, because
is so bad. This reminds me of a poor Mans "Tales of the hood."
There's nothing worse even entertaining about this garbage, either!
I do not know why Snoop continues to try to act and produce films that
can not be shown on the Sci-Fi Channel at midnight! How did this
is beyond me. Please, whatever you do, do not waste time in this
absolute rubbish. I would recommend you try to view the above mentioned
"Tales from the Hood", which is ten times more entertaining
this, and even that is not so great, but does that look like a work

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