The Mouse That Roared

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(comedy, war)
Download Movie The Mouse That RoaredThe best laid plans of mice and men ... A cold war satire emphasising the new emerged American Superpower's use of foreign aid to buy friends and keep then away from the USSR's influence. Peter Sellers, as the scheming Prime Minister of Grand Fenwick, plots with Peter Sellers, as the scheming Grand Duchess, to declare war on the USA, lose and get that foreign aid. Unfortunately, they forget to tell Peter Sellers, as Tully Bascombe, commander of their mediaeval army. This honourable man does his best for his country and through a series of unbelievable circumstances (well, this is a comedy) to win. Now, who has to give aid to whom?


Peter Sellers as Grand Duchess Gloriana XII/Prime Minister Count Rupert Mountjoy/Tully Bascombe
Jean Seberg as Helen Kokintz
William Hartnell as Will Buckley
David Kossoff as Professor Alfred Kokintz
Leo McKern as Benter
MacDonald Parke as General Snippet
Austin Willis as United States Secretary of Defense
Timothy Bateson as Roger
Monte Landis as Cobbley
Alan Gifford as
Colin Gordon as BBC Announcer
Harold Kasket as Pedro
Wally Brown as Air Raid Warden in Physics Lab
Jacques Cey as Ticket Collector
Charles Clay as British Ambassador
Jack Arnold

Download Mouse That Roared, The
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