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(comedy, drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie SleuthBased on a play, Sleuth confronts two extremely clever British men in a game of trickery and deceit. Andrew Wyke (Michael Cain), an aging famous author who lives alone in a high-tech mansion, after his wife Maggie has left him for a younger man; and Milo Tindle (Jude Law),an aspiring actor, equipped with charm and wit, who demonstrates both qualities once again). When Wyke invite Tindle to his mansion, Tindle seeks to convince the former into letting his wife go by signing the divorce paper. However, Wyke seems far more interested in playing mind games with his wife's new lover, and lures him into a series of actions he thoroughly planned in seeking revenge on his unfaithful spouse.


Michael Caine as Andrew Wyke
Jude Law as Milo Tindle
Harold Pinter as Man on T.V.
Alec Cawthorne as Inspector Doppler
Eve Channing as Marguerite Wyke
Kenneth Branagh

The beginning and end of the film takes place in one scenario
a deadly feud between two characters, played by two actors splendid, led by one of the giant American
cinema.It 's difficult
talk of the script without spoiling the suspense, action-packed story, the surprises that await you
every step of the way.The two belligerents are diametrically opposed: I
Olivier local plays a squire, full of scorn and smugness, he is rich and
claims of a noble pedigree.Michael Caine is what the French call "new
riche," the most despicable breed of man proud of his opponent What is worse, he 's
still working as a stylish hair-dresser at that! Both are oozing hatred, and
behind the automata, we are the place temperaments. Height of contempt, Olivier
costumes Caine as a clown! Anthony Shaffer's tour de force is done with taste and
virtuosity.It 'sa shame that must remain the last Mankiewicz
My parents saw "Sleuth" on Broadway during its original deadline, only a year or
before this movie was released. To see the movie you can see how
make a good game, but for the same reason, it is not a translation that feels
slow, or wordy, or is not fit for the screen. The adaptation is excellent,
without "opening up" the game too. If you're a fan of mysteries,
was intrigued by the results and the script. Joseph Mankiewicz of the
address is not terribly flashy, but subtle and well done.

stars Laurence Olivier as Andrew Wyke, a famous writer of mystery novel.
Milo Tindle (Michael Cane), comes to visit him one weekend, asking
Andrew's wife's hand in marriage. But things are not as simple as they first appear.
Andrew wants something in return for Milo. And then again, maybe not

The film takes place slowly and with patience, you feel almost like the movie
sensitive and realizes how juicy its secrets are, in celebrating them as
during the as long as possible. There are many twists and surprises in the movie, and
even if you see one or two coming (like me), do not wait for all
right until it's over. It's better not to know what will happen
, so I will leave with no more clues.

I enjoyed almost every moment after the first meeting between Milo and Andrew
. Once Cane and Olivier really get going in their scenes, the movie never looks back
. They are outstanding in their performances, and
deservedly won the Best Actor Oscar nominations.

So who wins? Does anyone win? Is it a game with a winner at all? Oh
just go rent now!

Download Sleuth
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