On the Buses

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Download Movie On the BusesStan gets a little annoyed when his Mum and Sister keep buying expensive items on hire purchase, but the money he earns for overtime working as a bus driver means that he can afford it... just! His job is secure, as bus drivers are hard to come by, and his overtime prospects are good, until the bus company decide to revoke a long standing rule and employ women bus drivers. Aghast at the thought of no overtime and, therefore, less wages, he joins forces with his long time work colleague Jack to sabotage the new female employees.


Reg Varney as Stan Butler
Doris Hare as Stan's Mum
Michael Robbins as Stan's Brother-in-Law Arthur
Anna Karen as Stan's Sister Olive
Stephen Lewis as Stan's Inspector Blakey
Bob Grant as Stan's Conductor Jack
Andrea Lawrence as Betty
Pat Ashton as Sally
Brian Oulton as Manager
Pamela Cundell as Ruby
Pat Coombs as Vera
Wendy Richard as Housewife
Peter Madden as Mr Brooks
David Lodge as Busman
Brenda Grogan as Bridget
Harry Booth

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