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(drama, thriller, western)
Download Movie High Plains DrifterA mysterious gunfighter without a name rides across the desert landscape and arrives in the mining town beside the sea "Lago" to stay for the night. After gunning down three desperado's who tried to kill him, the town hires the gunfighter to help defend the town from three murderous outlaws, Stacey Bridges, Bill Borders and Cole Carlin who have been released from jail after they brutally whipped to death the town's local lawman Marshal Jim Duncan who is in his grave with a unmarked gravestone, the three outlaws set out to return to "Lago" to get their vengeance. Can the mysterious gunfighter without a name stop the three outlaws?


Clint Eastwood as The Stranger
Verna Bloom as Sarah Belding
Marianna Hill as Callie Travers
Mitch Ryan as Dave Drake
Jack Ging as Morgan Allen
Stefan Gierasch as Mayor Jason Hobart
Ted Hartley as Lewis Belding
Billy Curtis as Mordecai
Geoffrey Lewis as Outlaw Stacey Bridges
Scott Walker as Outlaw Bill Borders
Walter Barnes as Sheriff Sam Shaw
Paul Brinegar as Lutie Naylor
Richard Bull as Asa Goodwin
Robert Donner as Preacher
John Hillerman as Bootmaker
Clint Eastwood

Drifter altiplano (1973) Supernatural West? A lone gunman with no name and apparently without
past, walks in the dark town of Lago. The
Lake residents at first glance askance strange, but when news of
some outlaws who are out for blood, are on their way to the city, asking that
abroad for its help. Clint Eastwood

This is the first film he has directed Western, and
is quite obvious that the type not only loves the genre that made his name
, also knows what makes work. Obviously having worked for
Sergio Leone, Eastwood was making notes, because highland Drifter
exudes the aura of many of mythical Leone best films, and fortunately
the result is one of the best deals in the 70s
for the Western genre.

The film opens with our mysterious drifter who comes out slowly from the vast
beautiful and haze over Lake, only the sound of horse
breathing and the clop of their hooves can be heard on sound (mixed
here is incredible), is a gloriously mysterious opening. However, Eastwood is just playing with us
Tho, for a quick jolt of sex and violence we lace
the warmth and beatific in a hauntingly pretty cold and morally challenged
place. From here the stranger is in demand all sorts of odd things
of the residents of Lake, which seems to be playing with them and
revelling in his discomfort, Lake quickly resembles a barren
hellish. You see, Lake has a dark secret, and our mysterious stranger
has a purpose and this purpose is that a Altiplano Drifter
truly wonderful image.

a well known fact that now is the great man of the genre, John Wayne, Eastwood wrote
strongly complain about their harsh vision of the West, a
can only think Duke does not reach Vietnam since the feel of a
70 West did. It is a great effort to address Eastwood, and
doubly great performance from him again, the perfect role
accentuating its rugged Western trends. Eastwood could lead
also the subject of Pale Rider in the 80s, and then the magnificent
Unforgiven in the 90s, a large West in each decade of insurance.

Mystery and magnificent plateau Drifter 9 / 10.
"plateau Drifter" is probably Clint Eastwood's western and darkest
that says a lot. It has similarities with "Pale Rider", his other
West jewel. The hero is a mystery, ghost-like figure and
battle against evil and corruption that infests a small town in the middle of nowhere
. What sets these films apart is that here
Eastwood is fighting a lone battle, and his only companion is a dwarf Mordecai,
while almost all other inhabitants of Lake are damaged and / or

Eastwood gives one of his best results here and
manages to be charming and humorous, in addition to demanding cold-blooded vengeance.
Their interactions with the two women (Marianna Hill and Verna Bloom,
both solid in their roles), which are very different in Comparisons were based
his previous movie "Hang 'Em High" . But what sets this apart from the typical fare
Eastwood is the nature of this dark film. Anthony James, the man
with the unforgettable face, once again back as a major
villains. The rest of the cast are quite forgettable and lesser known names
, which adds credibility to this film, so it's a movie that
be taken seriously and not just a collection of famous faces.

This film perhaps the strongest asset is the excellent script
Ernest Tidyman, the Oscar-winner for "French Connection" and
is probably the best screenplay written for each directed by Eastwood
West. The story never ceases to amaze and is full of suspense and a great
dialogue. As always, Clint knew who to choose. As always in the
Clint movies, this film is not about love. Clint and the issue of Bloom
results almost in love, but it never gets a chance to develop. The
surprise ending adds a great touch. This film is really a treat for fans of Clint Eastwood
and unusual, film-noirish westerns.

Download High Plains Drifter
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