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Download Movie Educating RitaRita crashes into Dr. Frank Bryant's life wanting an education, although she has no idea what it is that she's asking. Her brash sincerity earns the respect of the doctor who has previously resigned himself to a life of empty lectures and booze. Rita's character is a breath of fresh air for Bryant and he begins to care about someone, or something for that matter, for the first time since his wife left him. As each begins to wake up to life in their own way, the story comes to a close as an inspiring tale of self discovery and of the power choice that comes through education.


Michael Caine as Dr. Frank Bryant
Julie Walters as aka Susan Rita
Michael Williams as Brian
Maureen Lipman as Trish
Jeananne Crowley as Julia
Malcolm Douglas as Denny
Godfrey Quigley as Rita's Father
Dearbhla Molloy as Elaine
Pat Daly as Bursar
Kim Fortune as Collins
Philip Hurdwood as Tiger
Hilary Reynolds as Lesley
Jack Walsh as Price
Christopher Casson as Professor
Rosamund Burton as Denise
Lewis Gilbert

What I love about this movie is that in early 2006 that
finally came out on DVD. It is not a minor problem at the scene in the establishment of
At first, but to see Rita, once again in widescreen is almost like
see that for the first time.

Educating Rita is one of many re-tellings of Shaw Pygmalion, itself
based on a Greek myth, so the story is nothing new. Rita, like many
great British films, is based on a play, in this case by Willie
Russell, who also worked with director Lewis Gilbert on the
delicious Shirley Valentine, cast in a sense similar. It would be easy to think of
Rita as My Fair Lady without the voice Marne Nixon credits, but that would be
, as a kind of Rita puts it, easy.

The combination of Michale Caine and Julie Walters is pure magic.
Unlike the lovable drunk Dudley Moore, Frank Caine Bryant is a drunk
that it is difficult to love, making it much more interesting. He
wallows, not in self-pity, it would be repugnant, but in the
infinitely sad depths of self-acceptance and waiver of
shortcomings. He is not a drunken poet who has lost the ability to
feel his own life.

Enter Rita, a hairdresser who wants to learn literary criticism, but
more importantly, learn a way out of a life that feels too good
. From their perspective Jaundice, Frank fears that the education of Rita
transformed into just another of his life that women
the garbage of their lives, but Rita did not refuse. Little by little, through
voracious consumption of the Canon of Western literature, Rita learns
what she considers a better song to sing.

But is not that simple. Rita believes that individuals, even educated people,
the end, only cling to themselves, and Shaw, Blake, Ibsen and Chekov
can help fill the empty moments, but they can not remove the
vacuum itself. What Rita want? Frank? A baby?
Her ex-husband? What does not is Rita options, and the freedom to choose among them
, by itself, and getting there is warm and touching drama that
Educating Rita stands among the best of his era and genre.

David Hentschel of the synthesized soundtrack is absolutely wonderful.
Is by now so obviously from another era that allows you to extract
further in the film, giving it more time, a date that feels. The
supporting cast is marvelous, including the renowned classical actress Maureen Lipman
, which was later awarded a CBE for her work in British theater

Ultimately, however, is the pure magic of Caine and Walters,
no less than Harrison and Hepburn in My Fair Lady, who gave Rita
limits charm, wit and passion that have made
one of my favorite movies of all time.
"Educating Rita", directed by Lewis Gilbert, is an overlooked gem of a movie
for the first time I saw this movie in 1984, a year after his release, and have already
defended as one of the best romances ever made.

based on a London stage play, "Educating Rita" is the story of twenty
seven years old, middle class, London hairdresser / housewife (Julie Walters, < br>
in an excellent performance), before having children, I would very much

to learn about herself. Much to the annoyance of her husband, she falls in
an "open university" literature course to begin your journey (open
the university is the British term for college courses at night).

Assigned as his mentor is Frank (Michael Caine, in one of his best roles), an age
professor of literature who suffers from low self-esteem and has its own
relationship problems.

this movie had been made in the machine that is Hollywood, United States, and Rita
Frank had slept with two scenes of each meeting other
chart would have been, of course), then he realized that love,
followed by the inevitable obstacle to their relationship (probably a misunderstanding or
rival affections), finally ending with them
Overcoming all. Each character and plot point would have been
well in advance. "Educating Rita" that none of this. No

graphic scenes of sex (or any sex scenes for that matter), no grand declarations of
love, not cliche cliffhangers or deaths in the sea ice. Instead, the story portrays
Frank and Rita in a very realistic, in a humane way. As the story develops
, we see as they grow as a person who causes
to become rich. Does not become the plot that are unexpected.

I will not divulge what the end result is, as it is very unconventional and is

sure to bring a lump to the throat of any romantic.

In all, "Educating Rita" is a very high excellent study of character
framed by a wonderful story. When in the mood to watch a movie or romantic
two, including "Titanic" and hire "Educating Rita" and "An Officer and a Gentleman

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