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Download Movie ClockwiseBrian Stimpson is the headmaster of a comprehensive (high) school in England. He sets himself, his staff and pupils very high standards. On the way to a conference at which he is to talk, all manner of disasters strike.


John Cleese as Brian Stimpson
Penny Leatherbarrow as Woman Teacher
Howard Lloyd-Lewis as Ted
Jonathan Bowater as Clint
Stephen Moore as Mr. Jolly
Alison Steadman as Gwenda Stimpson
Mark Bunting as Studious Boy
Robert Wilkinson as Streaker
John Bardon as Ticket Collector
Mark Burdis as Glen Scully
Nadia Sawalha as Mandy Kostakis
Dickie Arnold as Man at Station
Angus MacKay as First Class Passenger
Peter Needham as Porter
Peter Lorenzelli as Taxi Driver
Christopher Morahan

A very funny movie, in my opinion the best available Cleese. Cleese himself
always ignored this movie when talking about his film work and the title

is never mentioned when Cleese films are nominated by critics. It seems, by
some vague reason, there's nothing between Monty Python and "A Fish called Wanda
." Trash, watch this. I also liked 'Fish' has
the first time around boring, but very soon by repetition. This is not one. Like "Mr. Hulot
Pleasure" and "Gregory of the girl and the cinema to see a lot of times. Script
high ratings in the family 'Citation Index ". Linda twenty nine ...
The secret of this comedy is its pace. Shows the events of a job
day in the life of a number of people from schoolchildren to pensioners, whose
course is for all of them hilariously skewed by the obsession of the centrality of
film. It uses a traditional "obsessive tunnel vision"
strategy of comedy - a character not to see the chaos that is causing
in the lives of those who are unfortunate enough to be on the road between him and < br> your goal.

Alison Steadman plays the sassy schoolgirl who does all it can to help your
director achieve this obsession, he is torn between his unit
for the peak of orthodoxy and respectability his less than respectable
means to achieve this goal. The comic tension between the couple
seems unlikely a hilarious pastiche of sexual tension in most situations hero + heroin.

Americans can not recognize immediately the small town of England setting,
that gives a tone of Ealing comedy, but the film owes much fun
viewers of any fund.

Download Clockwise
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