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(action, drama, war)
Download Movie Too Late the HeroA WWII film set on a Pacific island. Japanese and allied forces occupy different parts of the island. When a group of British soldiers are sent on a mission behind enemy lines, things don't go exactly to plan. This film differs in that some of the 'heros' are very reluctant, but they come good when they are pursued by the Japanese who are determined to prevent them returning to base.


Michael Caine as Pvt. Tosh Hearne
Cliff Robertson as Lt. (j.g.) Sam Lawson
Ian Bannen as Pvt. Jock Thornton
Harry Andrews as Col. Thompson
Ronald Fraser as Pvt. Campbell
Denholm Elliott as Capt. Hornsby
Lance Percival as Cpl. McLean
Percy Herbert as Sgt. Johnstone
Patrick Jordan as Sergeant Major
Sam Kydd as Colour-Sergeant
William Beckley as Pvt. Currie
Martin Horsey as Pvt. Griffiths
Harvey Jason as Signalman Scott
Don Knight as Pvt. Connolly
Roger Newman as Pvt. Riddle
Robert Aldrich

This film is a personal for me. I was a high school student in
George Dewey HS, Subic Bay, Philippines from 1968-70. My friends and I
extras in the film when it was there. Like cutting
us and our main classes would set the movie to take
our names down. We have problems when we arrived, but this was
once in a lifetime deal. We paid $ 12 per day. It is cheaper to use off-duty
sailors and marines, as well as the high school kids as extras for
to pay extra to fly in the U.S. We have collected bus
various parts of the base early in the morning and were transferred to the naval
magazine, where the movie was filmed. We went out from 6:00 A.M.
around 4:00 p.m. I remember the property of people built this fantastic
with cabins and a fake stone church that was used as the Colonel's
headquarters. It's better than the cabins of the Filipino people lived in
and wanted to keep after the film was finished.
Had to be demolished, but due to insurance purposes.
That has brought these uniforms of the British army so that we can carry, but were new and looked too good to
that ran over them with trucks to give them a rough appearance.
To this day I remember many times in the wild together. Once, when
Cliff Robertson arrived at the base and was at the headquarters of Colonel
director Mr Aldridge yelled at me and a friend
because we were playing our acoustic guitars too strong in the top of the stone church
false and can be heard at the scene. I guess that Hendrix was not the music
around WW2. Another time between takes, Michael Caine and his friends were
in the steps of a building and began to sing "Hey Jude
" from the Beatles. Throughout the whole world sing. It was great and to this day
every time I hear that song that takes me back to this great moment! (
who was 37 years ago) One of the players who over his girlfriend
and ran around her in her bikini on the beach. That was a great
seen as sailors, marines and high school children breaks the whole
to pass the time on the beach. I remember the meeting with the British actor
broken nose who was in "Flight of the Phoenix" with Jimmy Stewart.
He was in the movie and seems to be a good guy. A patrol boat of the Philippines
parked on the beach pier. They were kind enough to keep out diving with us
his boat into the water during lunch breaks. Some of the guys
earned $ 18 per day for lying in an open field are the corpses. These were the
soldiers of the film that were shot by the Japanese snipers.
There was a fire on the set one day and shot had to be stopped. They
repaired the series and the movie happened. Parts of the movie were shot
near our hospital base of the mountain at the Cubi Point in the jungle.
These were the scenes where the team in command selva
in the mission. The film people in the official part of the Club at Cubi. This
was not well received by all members of the bureau. The film had guys with long hair and dressed very casually
, Navy fighter pilots and
not care for this group. I have not heard of any fights, though. My companion beside
to our rooms had Michael Caine and some others for a home cooked dinner
. It was well received. It is a good time to be in the Philippines
in those days. After finishing our tour out there
went to a naval base at Pax River, Maryland. I went to New York
to visit my aunt and she took me to see the film. It is very good.
I particularly enjoyed, because I could see all my friends
walking in the back with rifles or simply leave.
Is a great movie and I must say it was filmed in the jungle with snakes and real and
everything. Hollywood never-set here!
Too late, the war hero is a cynical affair with a set of
not unpleasant,
antagonistic characters trapped in a relentless, warm environment where
are at risk of being embushed at any time by Japanese soldiers.
Administered to stay interesting for two hours until the creation of a fabulous, exciting
final. It's not a big action movie of the soldiers as the dirty dozen or Platoon,
hero of the evening, however, is my favorite genre, despite being a

watchings pair to appreciate the simple, yet original, clever plot

development, realistic and yet interesting and even funny at times
dialogue and characters (for example, by saying Robertson
Caine in his cockney accent: "Now you have to jump about like a frog with a bullet

up your ass ..") and the suspenseful and well-done action sequences.
Is not always easy for this type of film to maintain a kind of unsentimental realism
and be entertained at the same time. However, the hero is not too late
that. While not particularly sympathetic characters (there are none

in the film, except perhaps for the Japanese major), Cliff Robertson and Michael Caine
manage sympathetic to become anti-heroes in their own way, each one of them
giving excellent results; American
Robertson wondering what the hell he was doing
among a group of about British fighting the Japanese in the Pacific island
until he decides to seek his destiny as a hero, and Caine as a
cynical, rude, rebellious and totally hilarious cockney,
mainly concerned about saving his skin. Too late, the hero does not dwell on
to develop an anti-war statement. It is assumed that war is hell and
any sensible man who only care about surviving like Caine,
or most of the other soldiers in a suicide mission increasingly --
not as the leader of the group, brilliantly played by Denholm Elliott, who seems

suspect and absurd to try to maintain traditional values and fight
discipline. The interactions between Robertson and his colleagues hostile British
to add interest and credibility of the film, while the
unusual pursuit through the jungle and its exciting conclusion
contribute to its originality. It is not the best war movie ever, but only one.

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