The Road to Wellville

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Download Movie The Road to WellvilleIn Welville, at Battle Creek, eccentric rich Dr. John Harvey Kellogg (a historical figure) runs a stylish health farm for the wealthy, an idea ahead of his time, based on extreme vegetarianism, neither sex, masturbation or even sensual stimulation, but laughing therapy and purging the 'polluted' body, mainly by exercises, often in open air, vicious diet, his invention corn flakes, laxatives, anal yogurt cure, enemas and brutal mechanical cleansing. Eleanor Lightbody drags her sickly, incredulous husband Will along to the therapy; the couple is almost immediately separated and getting horny for more available members of the opposite sex. Kellogs stubbornly willful adopted son (among over 30 kids) George is a filthy embarrassment, paid off just to stay away. Charles Ossining panics when arriving in Battle Creek he finds his aunt's fortune made him partner in the empty shell- health food company Per-fo, not the planned corn-flakes factory; however with a former Welville-employee and George's name they hope to get rich from their own cornflakes brand. When an electric therapy goes fatally wrong and several other patients die, Will's incredulous reluctance turns to panic...


Anthony Hopkins as Dr. John Harvey Kellogg
Bridget Fonda as Eleanor Lightbody
Matthew Broderick as William Lightbody
John Cusack as Charles Ossining
Dana Carvey as George Kellogg
Michael Lerner as Goodloe Bender
Colm Meaney as Dr. Lionel Badger
John Neville as Endymion Hart-Jones
Lara Flynn Boyle as Ida Muntz
Traci Lind as Nurse Irene Graves
Camryn Manheim as Virginia Cranehill
Roy Brocksmith as Poultney Dab
Norbert Weisser as Dr. Spitzvogel
Monica Parker as Mrs. Tindermarsh
Jacob Reynolds as Young George Kellogg
Alan Parker

I remember anticipating a very entertaining, funny movie after reading
VHS box, the description of the story, then read the list of actors in
here. Wow, very impressive: Anthony Hopkins, John Cuscak,
Matthew Broderick, Bridget Fonda, Dana Carvey, Colm Meaney, Michael Lerner, in
in yy.


"bathroom humor" or discuss bowel movements, etc., do not bother me.
In fact, you can laugh at that. What disappoints me about this movie was
that (1) - just was not funny and (2) the acting - mostly by Cusack
- It was brutal (3) the story was not well together, only a mess.
Cusack stronger action is very annoying. What were you thinking?
Normally, a good actor, who was the worst part of this movie, just
grating. As for the class Hopkins to be in this picture .... Well, all I can say is
search your Resume: this is not the first time that
was not very discerning about roles to play. It is disappointing, though.

As for the crude humor that makes the lines funny if you
that route or you just turn people away, which is what happened to this
movie. In fact, this film gave me two choices, thinking I missed something

For the few critics elitists who think that here the rest of the people
"did not do it, 'well, maybe it is that you are full of garbage, in addition to
people in this film.
I judge the value of a film by the number of times that I want to see him and I think that
never gets tired of this. An excellent cast, along with a delicious mix of
period of history and add real enjoyment.
In addition, the director has an excellent sense of timing, the film is well
costume and music often lends itself well to comic moments.
Of course, an overwhelming element of gender adds to its irreverent charm.
Reading leads (pardon the cliche) like a who's who of fine acting.
Anthony Hopkins, John Cusack, Matthew Broderick, Dana Carvey and
Bridgette Fonda head an excellent cast of character actors.
If you look closely, you can recognize one of the "cookoo cookoo"
Pigeon sisters from the original game odd couple of John Cusack's aunt. If you have additional questions
only recall the words of the nurse Graves'
An erection is a flagpole in his grave. "

Download Road to Wellville, The
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