Urban Justice

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Download Movie Urban JusticeSeagal plays a man with a dark and violent past, who seeks revenge for the murder of his son.


Steven Seagal as Simon
Eddie Griffin as Armand Tucker
Carmen Serano as Alice Park
Cory Hart as Max
Liezl Carstens as Linda
Kirk B.R. Woller as Frank Shaw
Mary Evans as Irene
Al Staggs as Priest
Jade Yorker as
Jermaine Washington as Rasheed
Brian Lucero as Benny
Danny Trejo as El Chivo
Diego Joaquin Lopez as Winston
Grady McCardell as Dwight Morris
Brett Brock as Watch Sergeant
Don E. FauntLeRoy

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best film from Seagal Fire Down Below.
Exit wounds? This is better. A simple story that is held together solidly
. Forget all the recent terrible straight-to-DVD releases such as Flight of Fury and
submerged ... This is a real action movie quality
that deserves to be among the best Steve. Seriously, this is the
the quality of their films for Warner Brothers. A kickass really nice movie.

DUBBING NO! Seagal said that all his own lines! Stunt double in the
Secondary! Seagal gives out some of his best kicks in years!
Eddie Griffin is also great as the F-word machine Armand Tucker.
Has some very funny lines that will have to laughing out loud. He is a
right there with Travis Dane, Commander Krill and the Screwface Seagal
baddie game.

The cast in general is good. Amazing gun-totting persecution of cars.
... I am also the only one who can hear a sample of Nana 'Lonely'
score in the soundtrack? £ 9.99 well spent.
To begin with, I know that all the loyal fans of Seagal, including myself,
began to lose faith in the big man on account of the latest movies to digital television has churned out
(ie Force Attack, Flight of Fury, Black Dawn,
Shadow Man). The reason was the constant use of stunt doubles and the fight
, an inspired fight sequences, the use of
not-even-close-to-it-like-sounding voice dubbing and
the lack of continuity.

That was then, and when all hope seemed lost, the Urban Justice
through the video store. Let me say this now, every fan of Steven Seagal
have to go and rent this great test of who has returned to
Top absolutely, and then some. The film is loaded with martial arts sequences
, and here's the best part, Seagal is not 100% of their fights!
dubbing voice is completely absent, and in reality
seems to be enjoying himself on this. Support Seagal is
comedian Eddie Griffin, who is perfectly cast as the villain and provides a real
laughs sometimes.

I know that the sharp decline in the quality of the films Seagal has upset
Hardcore fans and loyal almost to the point of no return (I was almost
there), but I have to emphasize that not since his departure from Justice
days there have been enormous brutality present in his films.
I can say in all honesty that the Urban Justice is on a par in terms of the
graphic violence and slapstick bully. Seagal dishes from the penalty
as I have never seen before, it is absolutely ruthless and savage
during the fight scenes.

All I can say is give him a chance, as they certainly were not disappointed
, the old school who Hardcore Seagal have all the love and
waited for has finally returned!

Download Urban Justice
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