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(action, drama, fantasy)
Download Movie D-WarBased on the Korean legend, unknown creatures will return and devastate the planet. Reporter Ethan Kendrick is called in to investigate the matter, and he arrives at the conclusion that a girl, stricken with a mysterious illness, named Sarah is suppose to help him. The Imoogi makes its way to Los Angeles, wreaking havoc and destruction. With the entire city under arms, will Ethan and Sarah make it in time to save the people of Los Angeles?


Jason Behr as Ethan
Amanda Brooks as Sarah
Robert Forster as Jack
Craig Robinson as Bruce
Aimee Garcia as Brandy
Chris Mulkey as Agent Frank Pinsky
John Ales as Agent Judah Campbell
Elizabeth Pe+-a as Agent Linda Perez
Billy Gardell as Zoo Guard
Holmes Osborne as Hypnotherapist
NiCole Robinson as Psychiatrist
Geoffrey Pierson as Secretary of Defense
Cody Arens as Young Ethan
Kevin Breznahan as Reporter
Jody L. Carlson as Sarah's Mother
Hyung-rae Shim

This film is not good. Let's start with that. But it was not a
or two movie stars such as people who are giving.

very much, the plot is decent. It's something different. It is entirely plausible and
corny, but it's DRAGON WARS, is not trying to win any Oscars
. to people who say that the visual effects are the worst they have seen
, PUH-lease. The effects are about on par with Dragonheart and
Godzilla remake. Of course, this means that the effects are ten years old,
and T2 films like Jurassic Park and still seems to be
did last year, but beside the point. The effects are not so bad.

The acting is average. Nothing special. Better than Keanu Reeves or
Clive Owen. See, what I'm trying to do here is to demonstrate that a film
as "Gryphon" or "Raptor Island" or "Alone in the Dark"
are much worse than this. Stop giving unfair comparisons. The last 20 minutes of
the movie had some really good deeds, and the final battle was
great. Relax. Just sit down and have MST3K if you wish. But
is Cheesy monster mashing fun.
I went into this movie with high expectations. Normally, I'm not too picky about my
creature and movies are movies * * always fun to watch, or what I thought
. I will list the good parts of this movie, "The creature effects.
All creatures are well done, their movements are realistic,
and fit well in the other images. To be honest, the creature effects were
the only reason I have given this film a 2 instead of Jan. 1.
Now, the bad things:-The acting. Good Lord, have seen acting badly, but
this film takes the cake. Not a single one of the characters is even
* * close to credible. It's like the director sent a casting call
and collect all the worst try-outs of it. I tried very hard not
Giggles too high, because he did not want to upset anyone in the theater, but the truth is
acting so bad. -The argument: The story is all
full of holes in the plot from beginning to end. You can pick up at least 5
plot holes in any 30 minutes of film. The holes in the plot,
of course, are complementary with the cheese. This is probably one of the most
cliché, and not thinking, stories and more strongly fool I've seen
put on screen since I had the grave misfortune of sitting up a
night and see parasites in the SciFi Channel. -Dialogue:
This is a world where everyone said that the cheesiest and most cliche thing
possibly can, at every opportunity possible. In this world,
It seems that each line has been spoken before at least 30 other
low-budget creature movies. It is the world's cheese and cliché. -The
special effects. While the creature effects were impressive, frankly, the special effects not
miserably. Yes, they are better than those seen in other films
, but much of it is in the presentation. And this movie
does not have any presentation. It looks a bit like the special effects used in
Power Rangers TV show, to be honest. In short: Dragon Wars
is worth his or her time or money. The concept is good, but
is trapped in the wrong direction, action, dialogue and
cheesiness of the film. Wait until the next big monster movie comes out.
Does not have to be better than this, the cause of Dragon Wars is absolutely horrible.

Download D-War
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