The Last Patrol

Download Last Patrol, The
(action, drama)
Download Movie The Last PatrolAn earthquake measuring 9.5 on the Richter Scale splits California into an island with a perpetual dustcloud hanging over it. The survivors of the terrible ordeal have started to come together in the shape of Nick Preston (Dolph Lundgren) an air force captain, and other fractions of the military, including Sarah McBride and Lucky Simcoe, and have situated themselves in a warfare junkyard, holding weaponry from forgotten conflicts. They are searching for food, fuel and fellow survivors, and a possible path into the next world, while also dodging a violent plague that causes the skin to boil.


Dolph Lundgren as Nick Preston
Sherri Alexander as Sarah McBride
Joe Michael Burke as Lucky Simcoe
Rebecca Cross as Candy
Brook Susan Parker as Rainbow
Juliano Mer as Jesus
Chanan Elias as Simon Peace
Ze'ev Revach as Cooky
Angelique Lettich as Tamara
Terry Big Charles as Pope
Howard Rypp as Will
Gilya Stern as Miriam
Ishai Golan as Jasper
Jack Adalist as Ferguson
Nati Ravitz as State Trooper
Sheldon Lettich

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