Wanted: Dead or Alive

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(action, crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie Wanted: Dead or AliveNick Randall is a bounty hunter who's built up quite a resume. One notable resume highlight, though, happened before his current career began—as a CIA agent. Malak Al Rahim, an evil international terrorist, shows up on the scene and suddenly there is a new member of America's Most Wanted list. A deadly game of cat and mouse fine Nick as both the mouse and the cat— but has Nick finally met his match?


Rutger Hauer as Nick Randall
Gene Simmons as Malak Al Rahim
Robert Guillaume as Philmore Walker
Mel Harris as Terry
William Russ as Danny Quintz
Susan MacDonald as Louise Quintz
Jerry Hardin as John Lipton
Hugh Gillin as Patrick Donoby
Robert Harper as Dave Henderson
Eli Danker as Robert Aziz
Joseph Nasser as Hasson
Suzanne Wouk as Jamilla
Gerald Papasyan as Abdul Renza
Nick Faltas as Amir
Hammam Shafie as Chemical Expert
Gary Sherman

This is the kind of hero, we all have. Someone who can handle the
situation and do the job! And do indeed, he does like 'Nick
Randall, "a Bounty Hunter with a demonstrated capacity for survival.

I had not followed the wheel Rutger closely until he played a very
control and virtually unstoppable murderer cereal.

Eric Red and the story of Robert Harmon directed the film, 'The Hitcher'.
A thriller that makes the hairs on your neck stand up straight, with a
Echoing strange eeriness.

Rutger was "mesmurizing 'on the roll he just took over.
Was rightly the murderers of the murderer.

left the theater in his convincing
absolutely stunning performance. So when I went and saw, 'Wanted' with the investment of
'roll' of Rutger, hell! He goes back and forth through 'Goodguy "
' Badguy '' Protag 'and' character Antag rolls better than Sylvester
Stallone or Kevin Costner, even better than Harrison Ford for
to mourn aloud.

This man who has described the capacity, establish unequivocally out. The hero is
Nick Randall in "Wanted: Dead or Alive" is a "snake-eater." Prime
in its goal of zero sets and until, following the success them hard,
hit bottom and then out. He is a 'Patriot,' which does not want
to be "snowed" by anyone. He's a strong man, and yet
care is a friend to fellow character actor William Russ of ((official of the LA
Quintz Danny Walker and even the FBI agent he believed a
'Friend' of more than 15 years)) the most impressive part (s) for me are when
you can feel the emotional response of the Hauer "Randall."
You see him angry, hot, sweating, feeling the strain. That breaks down
emotionally with tears in their eyes for the death of his friend and his new
love'Terry 'whose lives have been taken to an "abrupt end" with a
anti-American group of murderers. Still does not lose the precision of his approach
under pressure from its "coverage" given that it was his enemy, "which is used as bait
" with the assumptions on their side of the fence (
for its own strategic maneuvers).

Even so, he himself is not the forces to stop or even slow down, but still
his consciousness through the end of this government hired
game, in which they are involved with "santa-Waring" terrorists.
Rock group lead singer Gene Simmons plays a violent jihad terrorist who was
a madman out to calm himself and his partners death. Even with
Simmons, who played well, an Israeli who knows what it feels like to have
a terrorist organization plotting to destroy their very existence.

An incredible action film that blows the doors off of many others in this film
'gender'. If you have not seen this, but you have seen 9 / 11 on
television news and newspapers ... do yourself a favor, rent or buy
in this DVD, see and feel better.

This is a four-star acting and action combination of history. No fear, but
loss, provoking the anger, causing Nick to achieve 'demanding'
, and then vengeance ... comforting relief. (****)
I'm not sure if this movie was supposed to be taken seriously or not,
but the way I looked, it was fun. I enjoyed everything about it and
especially the characters. In particular I liked Nick (Hauer) and Phil
(Robert Guilleaume). They had a familiarity with them, almost as
who have met somewhere before them. Maybe he sat down to a drink
with them before and they said that a few stories. And that makes it fun to see

Another strength of this film is its little subtleties. Like when
after catching a criminal, Nick puts him in the truck of the car because
because of alcohol. Now that is funny.

This is a really funny movie and there are a lot of interesting and amusing little
macho lines in the movie to please any fan of the genre. Check it out

Download Wanted: Dead or Alive
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