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Download Movie AlexanderAlexander (Farrell), the King of Macedonia, leads his legions against the giant Persian Empire. After defeating the Persians he leads his Army across the then known world venturing further than any Westerner had ever gone all the way to India.


Anthony Hopkins as Old Ptolemy
Jared Leto as Hephaistion
Colin Farrell as Alexander
David Bedella as Scribe
Jessie Kamm as Child Alexander
Angelina Jolie as Olympias
Val Kilmer as Philip
Fiona O'Shaughnessy as Nurse
Connor Paolo as Young Alexander
Patrick Carroll as Young Hephaistion
Brian Blessed as Wrestling Trainer
Peter Williamson as Young Nearchus
Morgan Christopher Ferris as Young Cassander
Robert Earley as Young Ptolemy
Aleczander Gordon as Young Perdiccas
Christopher Plummer as Aristotle
Gary Stretch as Cleitus
Oliver Stone

Last night I saw the movie a second time, with my 20-year-old son. The
hearing was a totally different demographic than the first
: (which was an advance screening). The average age of public
was approximately 35-45, with not too many teenagers in that country.
And guess what? Besides the fact that the entire theater was full, there was absolutely no
much of the audience ... as they breath.
No snickering in his hair blond, Eyeliner, suffocating seeking bag, or any
of the things that drew laughter when I saw light for the first time.
was reinforced my hope that with time and more people see it,
will be a more favorable opinion of him.

I liked the movie a whole lot more the second time around. I
seen things differently this time ... paid more attention to games
and other personalities behind and about who was the main
action of the moment. I heard the story more closely, and
enjoyed the movie much more this time.

reply my 20-year-old son, who is not only trying to be nice to
his old mother, was very positive. Even thinks that the murder scene
which is fine because it relates better to what was happening
Alexander in the head at the time.

I recommend a second (at least): In a theater with a
very good sound system. I realized that he had lost some of the dialogue and narration
1 because the theater sound system was horrible.

PS Kudos to Mr. Stone for his career prize in Sweden.
They do not give people who are just anybody, you know?
I was saddened when Alexander the film received criticism for
with homosexuality. Besides being an injury neanderthalic
distracted by the many valid reasons for criticism.
This is a strong contender for worst movie ever made.

I will say first that this movie has a wonderful cast. But what really
not help. Really.

is almost entirely ahistorical, but that the standard practice. It
irritating if you know something about life and deeds of Alexander (R
he studied college), but people who feel sorry for are those who
walk away thinking they have been exposed to an experience educational.
There is a small book to explain how this assumption wrong. It had
write, but it would involve seeing the film again. But the place
liberal interpretation of the information available is a marginal issue in
explaining why this is a strong contender for worst movie ever made.

The script is terrible. Mind-bendingly awful. These shortcomings have
various forms. I will enumerate them;

1) The dialogue is actually a series of monologues. -- Each is
apparently, reciting snippets of their autobiographies, or treaties
in what is to hand the letters to whom they are talking,
letters to the editor, political speeches, self-help manuals ...
It's certainly not conversation.

2) It is portentous. Sometimes I like portentousness, can provide
atmosphere. In this case lends itself to the tedium. The tedium is not necessary to add
, is already a success.

3) You never know when to stop. Anthony Hopkins has a monologue at the end
that goes on for several minutes. You continue to believe that going to finish,
hoping, praying that will end (this Anthony Hopkins!
Could probably read the ingredients of soap to make it more interesting), and
ago, in the final instance, but then slipped further into a coma and
are not in a condition fit to encourage. Colin Farrell seems to spend half the movie
looking out in space and holding a fourth in length, oh,
whatever, but always with passion.

4) is spelled incorrectly. It is a bad series of monologues that portentous
never know when to stop.

Apart from writing (perhaps) the film features that inhibit other flaws
of greatness. How?

futility time jumps. I have nothing against time jumps. Highlander,
Once upon a time in americas, The Godfather Part II, Once upon a time in
West, For a few dollars more, and probably other films that were not
of Sergio Leone ... Many major feature films. But it is generally
follow a logic. Usually, they are not
seemingly at random and disconnected. Here, it's like putting a pair of drums in the wrong order

sins of omission. Although I said that the lack of adherence to historical accuracy
was a secondary issue, not mentioning that almost any episode
might actually have been exciting and interesting, seems a dubious policy.
Alexander, as the poster implied, the material was made possible legend.
(I have no moral judgement here). Is it mentions the phalanx? All
innovative ways to overcome it appears impregnable fortresses of
looking at the problems from another angle? The methodology
policy which retained control of all the people behind him? The
Gordian Knot? Is it hell. Feature makes a couple of scenes of battle,
the second of which were fired in a clear and beautiful color scheme, and
both of which show that fought on the front of his army. So it's something

The most laughable sex scene ever committed to film. Alexander earns more than
his girlfriend doing kitty-cat claws gestures and noises. There
more, but definitely the stand-out role.

I could go, but this movie has already eaten enough of my life.
The only thing here is the epic ineptitude. Actually
made me feel nauseous.

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