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(action, adventure, thriller)
Download Movie On Deadly GroundForrest Taft works for the Aegis oil company in Alaska. Aegis company's corrupt CEO, Michael Jennings, is the kind of person who doesn't care whether or not oil spills into the ocean or onto the land as long as it's making money for him. He even makes commercials that make him look like he cares for the environment. When Taft's best friend Hugh Palmer hides a computer disk that Jennings needs to keep his company going, Jennings sees Hugh as a major threat, and has Hugh murdered. When Taft tries to interfere, Jennings tries to kill Taft, but Taft is rescued by an Eskimo woman named Masu, who introduces Taft to her father Silook, the chief of her tribe. With Masu's help, Taft begins a trek through the wilderness, heading straight for the grounds of the Aegis company.


Michael Caine as Michael Jennings
Joan Chen as Masu
John C. McGinley as MacGruder
R. Lee Ermey as Stone
Shari Shattuck as Liles
Billy Bob Thornton as Homer Carlton
Richard Hamilton as Hugh Palmer
Chief Irvin Brink as Silook
Apanguluk Charlie Kairaiuak as Tunrak
Elsie Pistolhead as Takanapsaluk
John Trudell as Johnny Redfeather
Mike Starr as Big Mike
Sven-Ole Thorsen as Otto
Jules Desjarlais as Drunken Eskimo
Steven Seagal

Good action, but affected by mediocre writing and direction by Mr. Seagal
not add up exactly the same mega-hit success, but if you're a fan of
man, the king of karate cheeseballs, he was not
disappointed. "Surrender" in a very Seagal. And there are a lot of familiar faces
here too, add to the fun.

This film is tons of fun, but only if you're looking to have some fun.
Do not buy into the atmosphere of fashion and you'll get a good entertainment.
personally love Planet Earth, but I do not see any gain awareness of
issue through a product of Hollywood.

give this 6 / 10, maybe a point if you're really more a fan of the genre
What I called On Deadly Ground was that there were few new ideas in his
a closet that I had not found in many other action films. The
was the establishment of Alaska, which sounded intriguing. The action was supported by
a message from the environment, which also sounded intriguing. The hero
was played by a wooden martial arts "actor", while the villain was played by
a prolific, Oscar-winning superstar, who sounded like a
irresistible pairing (only for the value of the novelty of seeing them together
screen). Add to that the fact that music was
Basil Poledouris (whose results for Conan the Barbarian and hunting
Red October are all-time great works of music theater). The terrain deadly
seemed to have promise and potential to be something quite interesting
. Unfortunately, the film meets very little of their potential. It is particularly inept
action film.

Troubleshooter Forrest Taft (Steven Seagal) works for an oil company in Alaska
facing the unpleasant Michael Jennings (Michael Caine, not
at its worst movie ever but certainly insofar as their worst ever performance
). Taft gradually beginning to realize that the company that works for
is responsible for terrible environmental damage, but
can not get into their business approach with a view
environmental perspectives .... by what the next best thing -
some kicking ass! Taft is a worthy crusade against his cruel,
who think only the heads. Mercenaries hired are brought to stop him, but
Taft, either evades or kills them in the wilderness of Alaska, and
ruthlessly closed on Jennings.

Seagal made a big mistake in directing the film himself. It lacks fluidity
as director and has little knowledge of how to link scenes
correctly. Neither seem capable of coaxing decent performances of
his surprising good cast. The film stumbles around
chance of a badly acted negligently in the next scene, diverting
occasionally for the odd expensive-but-totally-soul set piece.
There are enough flashes of cinematography, and in some parts is the action
crisply competent and choreography, but overall the film is a disappointment
. After the roasting he received, the box office appeal
Seagal took a dive permanent and Michael Caine stopped
prostitutes his talent in every film that was offered to him and
actually began seeking script worthy of his ability.

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