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Download Movie House of Sand and FogMassoud Amir Behrani, an Iranian immigrant, has spent most of his savings trying to enhance his daughter's chances of a good marriage. Once she is married, he spends the remaining funds on a house at an auction, unwittingly putting himself and his family in the middle of a legal tussle with the house's former owner. What begins as a legal struggle turns into a personal confrontation, with tragic results.


Jennifer Connelly as Kathy
Ben Kingsley as Behrani
Ron Eldard as Lester
Frances Fisher as Connie Walsh
Kim Dickens as Carol Burdon
Shohreh Aghdashloo as Nadi
Jonathan Ahdout as Esmail
Navi Rawat as Soraya
Carlos G??mez as Lt. Alvarez
Kia Jam as Ali
Jaleh Modjallal as Yasmin
Samira Damavandi as Little Soraya
Matthew Simonian as Little Esmail
Namrata Singh Gujral as Wedding Guest
Al Faris as Wedding Guest
Vadim Perelman

This film se basa en Andre Dubus III acclaimed novel "House of Sand and Fog
." Dubus created a story of immense power over cultures and
differences between them on the human pain, hope and ultimately about
humanity and, sometimes, their tragic loss. Colonel Behrani (
Sir Ben Kingsley) and his family, buying a house in the Pacific area of fiction
County, with the intention of improving their lifestyle, as they have been banished from his
home country, Iran. However, the previous owner of the house
, a young depressed and recovering alcoholic
Kathy Lazaro (Jennifer Connelly), is presented and claimed his property, which
was taken from her because of a mistake bureaucratic. And when Kathy
's boyfriend, Officer Lester Burdon (very effective
done by Ron Eldard), a racist obsessed with the concept of justice
decides to help her, all hell breaks loose. I can not talk about the plot more
without spoiling, so I will stop here. How can one tell a story and
be more than just a storyteller? How can a book adapted to film,
without simply repeating what the book says? Not only
newcomer director Vadim Perelman answer this question, he gives us a
of the best movies of the past decade. Perelman has not lost a single
detail. Everything came together to create an amazing
emotional impact. Like great directors like Tarkovsky made
Perelman approaches all of its character and penetrates through its
soul. Each scene takes you deeper and deeper into the soul of
characters, without ever being slow-moving or more descriptive. As for
actions, what can I say? Rarely if ever has a single
performance moved me as much as Kingsley. This gigantic actor
offers one of his best performances to date, has immaculate
control over every aspect of his character, physically and emotionally
. Connelly, one of the most talented actresses working today
, is also impressive, creating a performance that is a quiet place
outbreak of pain and sorrow. Shoreh Aghdashloo, who represent the majority of
tragic nature of the film (at least this is my point of view of their nature
), is heartbreaking. It is acting as supreme
really do not think that gets better. She really deserves an Oscar for
this. Young Jonathan Ahdout is also excellent, which
will definitely see more of him in the future. However, I must warn you: If you are
going to see this movie, prepare for an emotional breakdown.
It's really one of the most devastating films of recent years and if you'd rather
nice to see a movie, this is not for you.
Is the film a great movie, no doubt, a strong and intelligent
offering some of the strongest and most heartfelt performances
I've seen for a long time. Jennifer Connelly is impressive, and I do not mean
only in appearance, his act is unbelievable and is picked up by the audio commentary
again and again. A scene early in its demands to shed
single tear when talking normally by telephone, as if on queue
descends. You can hardly believe that someone can take that heart
wrenchingly emotional and confusing, since the performance and
manage to maintain a normal life, watching his cree you that she is in a downward spiral of
Depression and self-destruction. A total
credible and emotionally charged.

Ben Kingsley also gives a great performance, although not as outward
recognizable emotion, is really only until the clock
audio commentary and listen to the praise given by the Director and author
that you realize how subtle and is demanding their return.
His character is defined by force, beliefs and pride, and gives an excellent performance
Kingsley, Shakespeare in stature.

The film itself is emotionally draining, and you feel you are being taken in that
roller coaster throughout the fall with the character of Connelly, but not for a second
I do not think you should see that for these reasons,
is a journey that will reward excellence as a film and an education
in the miscommunication of people. Especially people from different cultures

As the film progresses and developments step further and further down
toward its tragic conclusion, the characters become more and more complex
. From the simplest, pigeon hole
characters who've seen before, which will soon become more real and pull you in the film, which
wrapped up in them. They become totally and completely attractive
withdraw from the life around them.

There is strong support cast, although the performance
Jonathan Ahdout is not too convincing those around them are, I think a special mention
is necessary for providing a Shohreh Aghdashloo
emotional balance of the coldness of Kingsley and character of a
mirror the emotional devastation of nature Connelly.

Two things mentioned in the audio commentary that I really do not
to pick up until then, afterwards, but you realize these
contribute greatly to make it a great film. The first is the subtlety,
are many images and scenes without words you do not really appreciate until
a second vision, or a very carefully first.
The second is how they Kinglsey commended the Director-style
never telling the public what happened and will happen, events
just happened. For example, the breakdown of the marriage of Ron Eldard,
where there is no explanation given, is coincidence. This has the effect of
treat the public with respect and realize that
has intelligence, and also becomes an excellent way to maintain
the pace of the film.

table: The image is sharp and strong, an excellent use of lighting
in the film from the brilliant opening from the
story darkens over time to grim and sad closing scenes.
Light is always warm and welcoming, with all the artificial light
looking sterile, and darker and bleaker shooting sad. Some of the
time between shooting scenes are beautiful. Presented

Audio: The audio is very good, although there is nothing that
really take advantage of a system of loudspeakers around, the sound is
remained low and the atmosphere, with a subtle and very limited
banda sonora giving everything to the film and never distracts. Presented

Extras: What strikes you about this DVD are fine
animated menus, black and white shots through the film fill the
fund giving a sense of mystery and sadness.

The deleted scenes are good, but alongside them have a very boring and annoying
comment. Instead of talking about the scene and
give some ideas that are treated to the sounds of laughter,
inhalation and approval interspersed with most of the top episodes of backslapping.
Awful, before it's over you're fearing the emergence of audio
comment. The Behind the scenes is good, but nothing new.

The photo gallery is very well done, as it is not a gallery at all, is
a featurette that is filled with silences between
interviews with people talking about actors, characters and key scenes. It is a very
way to create a gallery. Another extra is enormous
Hearing the Shohreh Aghdashloo, is really surprising to see this actress work through some very
emotionally harrowing scenes one after another right in front of your eyes
, gives an excellent Based on what it really means to be an actor and
hearing. With this action
surprisingly won the role.

Lastly, is the audio commentary, and after the
pathetic commentary on the deleted scenes I was really interested. However, the
backslapping was a little weak for the full commentary, but still very evident
much more bearable because of the amount of information
occurred on the story, filming and the actors themselves. Combining
Kingsley, Vadim Perelman and Andre Dubus III, which are processed for
really view the entire history from conception through development, filming, acting
and ultimately post production. I loved this
insightful commentary, although neighbors crawl to the parties, he gave a
much more about the film and history. It also provides an interesting
see the actors and their methods.

In general the film is superb and firmly fixed in the realms of
Classic tragedy. The act of the two leads is impressive, especially
Connelly, and the cast provide strong support. Powerful,
emotional and sometimes quite distressing, this is wonderful entertainment and
a film that deserves much more recognition that it did once again
particularly for Connelly.

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