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Download Movie Kung fuSet in Canton, China in the 1940s, the story revolves around a hapless wannabe gangster who aspires to become a member of the notorious "Axe Gang." Other characters include an obnoxious landlady and her apparently frail husband who exhibit extraordinary powers in defending their turf.


Stephen Chow as Sing
Xiaogang Feng as Crocodile Gang Boss
Wah Yuen as Landlord
Dong Zhi Hua as Donut
Kwok Kuen Chan as Brother Sum
Chi Chung Lam as Bone (Sing's Sidekick)
Qiu Yuen as Landlady
Kai Man Tin as Axe Gang Advisor
Kang Xi Jia as Harpist #1
Stephen Fung as Harpist #2
Sheng Yi Huang as Fong
Suet Lam as Axe Gang Vice General
Cheung-Yan Yuen as Beggar
Chi Ling Chiu as Tailor
Yu Xing as Coolie
Stephen Chow

Kung fu Hustle is one of the most visually imaginative and unique
movies I've seen in quite some time. The first: the trailer, I thought it would
another Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
in our hands but, boy, I was a mistake. Unlike Kung Pow, the jokes did not grow weary in
me and the special effects are certainly first class. The scene with the two murderers
game that string instrument (I do not know the name
thereof) in such a way that kills is incredible.

Although there was not much for history, is not nonexistent,
anyone. There was a simple story that's going to make sense of what they were seeing
. Even the jokes with subtitles was found as fun,
and my experience, humor does not translate so easily like this
the film would have you cree. It is false or borrowed a little
Spider-Man and The Matrix, which was a little unexpected for this
film, initially. At least for me.

To be honest, I could enjoy this movie without sound or subtitles, too.
is appealing to the eye. It would be a good movie background
for one party or poker game that might catch your eye at any time and
still maintain their attention. It could also be great if you feel like a
good comedy. I was entertained throughout and although I was dead tired when I saw
in the theatre, held my interest all the way to
finish. 9 / 10
Chaplin, Allen and now an actor, writer, producer and director Stephen Chow
can join the select few whose remarkable talent as an interpreter
coincides with their ability behind the lens; Kung fu Hustle proves it.

Chow is no stranger to address. In 1994, Chow co-directed by Love
Delivery and since then a number of other projects starring self
and many of these projects are considered the best in his acting career. However
their skills as a comedian - whether his physical comedy Brash
(Shaolin Soccer), his manical scenarios (Tricky Brains) or historical epic
parodies (A Oddsey Chinese) - have never outshine his
talent as a director. Kung fu Hustle not only reminds us of Chow's comic
terrible moment, which introduces us to its stunning visual eye
stimulating action and leadership.

More importantly this Chow addition to the magnificent filmography
finally allows us a way to define his technique. A master of both
mixture of comedy and visceral action with artistic integrity and traditional
melodrama. It has been a while since a director has been able to take me
very serious and intense violence along the top
spoofing ridiculous. The contrast of the atmosphere and mood throughout the film
is incredible and even more incredible is the ability for Chow fazer that all jobs. When the scene is fun you appreciate the comedy, when
switches gears to action that is blowing away from the horrific sequences,
when it moves into melodrama that is the edge of your seat waiting
character replies, and when they are fused together you do exactly what he expects Chow
you do. You laugh.

Therefore, I liked the movie, but what exactly is the film. Like most
Stephen Chow movies while the concept is easy to describe, is execution
much more complex. Kung fu Hustle tells the story of Sing, a wannabe gangster
try to join the Axe Gang famous (which for some of the early scenes seem
false Gangs of New York - look for a fireworks
visual Quotes) , A legion of black outfits responsible for a series of horrific murders
and complete dominance on a 1940 Hong Kong. Sing
's reasons for wanting to join the banda are simple: bad guys are cooler.
His arrogance leads to exit a war between a housing complex that poor
kept secret several hidden talents and the hatchet killer gang.
What begins as a relatively small skirmish (and I mean relatively)
explodes in a war of miika "Dead or Alive" proportions.

The use of digital effects in this movie are extreme. Chow
have succumbed to the digital revolution in Shaolin Soccer, which manages
once again to use wisely its effects. There is a tremendous amount of
effects shots in this movie, much more then I have ever seen in a Hong Kong
production (except perhaps the terrible Wesley's Mysterious File) and at the same time I
am disappointed by the lack of practical effects
the impressive quality of them more than compensates. This film simply
not see how a film from Hong Kong. It rivals Hollywood features in each category
(set, costumes cinematography), but amazingly enough
CGI is really good! You may notice most of the effects, but that does not matter because
are used for laughs and effective. Some of the effects
not only will have you in points, but also in shock and awe at the sheer incredibility
some of the scenes. A scene that sticks out
is a parody of the road Runner. It is not hilarious, but also
a visual feast.

The action is impressive, thanks largely to the great choreography
talent both Sammo Hung and Yuen Wo Ping (each
working on a movie serial occasions). Yuen Wo Ping gets
have a scene that seems to be rehashed the burly brawl (hundreds of suits against one guy
) and manages to be not only new but a thousand times more exciting and
intense. These sequences struggle to demand the attention of any
cinephile who claims to own a fan of film art calendar.
Wachowski have not, this is the way to direct Yuen Wo Ping to this
artistic peak.

Therefore, everything seems great, right? That Chow has to be better, right? Actually
not everything works and is by no means Chow best film.
It is not his funniest film, but that is because it takes the risk of
exploring the genre of action. It also depends a bit too much on CGI, and
while its use is effective, can occasionally will take you out of the
film. Compared to his other films this film ranks # 1 for
visuals and action, but in terms of laughter and writing can not exceed
classics. Having said that Kung fu Hustle is an absolute blast. See if you can
in the Toronto Film Festival, import DVD and trapping in theaters
when Sony Classics brings here (in February I think). This is
action comedy at its finest. Celebrating

Chow Sing Chi!

Download Kung fu
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