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Download Movie Super Size MeWhy are Americans so fat? Two words: fast food. What would happen if you ate nothing but fast food for an entire month? Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock does just that and embarks on the most perilous journey of his life. The rules? For 30 days he can't eat or drink anything that isn't on McDonald's menu; he must wolf three squares a day; he must consume everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meal if asked. Spurlock treks across the country interviewing a host of experts on fast food and an equal number of regular folk while chowing down at the Golden Arches. Spurlock's grueling drive-through diet spirals him into a physical and emotional metamorphosis that will make you think twice about picking up another Big Mac.


Morgan Spurlock as Himself
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Ron English as Himself
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Morgan Spurlock

I had to do a report on childhood obesity, and I could use this documentary
as one of my resources. Can I say that I am glad that I saw this movie
. It's very frightening what the fast food industry
has done to this country. I am not trying to bad rap, are a
business. That's what they do, they try to make money. Do I agree with all the costumes
bill passes with people who blame McDonald's Burger King
to become fat? No, nobody is pushing food on his
throats. But there are so many people out there that are big consumers of fast food
, and this documentary shows what harmful effects may be
eating fast food. I gave up fast food, and had no
for more than a year and my health has increased to greatly. Upon seeing this film
might make you want to stay away from fast food restaurants, but if
not, chances are it'll make you think more about what they are eating.

Living with his girlfriend vegan, Morgan Spurlock decided to try
McDonalds to eat every meal for a month. While
reduces the amount of exercise and walk to coincide with the 'media'
americas to make a good experiment. After an initial bit
disease that comes to enjoy the meal and eat three times a day.
But after one or two weeks, your doctor will begin to notice
significant increases in body fat, cholesterol and blood pressure. Interlayer
with this are the interviews with experts on the nutritional value,
marketing and the impact of McDonalds and fast food in general.

Several years ago I read the book Fast Food Nation
and that basically ended my interest in the main outlets of fast food and saw my consumption of processed foods
a little low. I did not become a born again Christian
and still eat junk food and I'm not a model for health
life! However, what I notice in the press and in hearings
for this movie is a rather smug 'see' attitude as if this has any impact on
Europe and the United States are a kind of freak show and
nothing to do with us. This film can focus on
McDonalds because it is the world leader in fast food that is high in saturated fat, but if
everything you take for this movie is a pleasure to see take a McDonalds
then kicked him missing the point. The film was a challenge for me
and I hope that many viewers - but I have not eaten at McDonalds or Burger King
since 2001 and a bad fighter food poisoning in 2003 ended the first
my ability to enjoy KFC. So why I find it hard?
Well, because like many others, and eat too much saturated fat, no matter where they come
(oven food, prepared foods or fast foods
) I need to cut them. Spurlock sends this message into reality
fun while being good excavations at McDonalds.

His style is relaxed and refreshing lets the facts speak for
. The clearly does not like fast food as a concept but is not
Michael Moore and is only slightly biased. He is undoubtedly much more interesting than his girlfriend
vegan who is one of those dominant
self righteous types who look down their noses at anything. His good humor
makes the movie, but the documentary is more than the gimmick
that kept me watching. The facts about obesity speak for themselves and
that are frightening and more so when you really sit and think about
what you eat - sweets, glues, prepared foods, crisps, processed foods
; if Trafficking in salt, saturated fat or sugar, none of these foods
spells problems if they are not part of a balanced diet.
My only fear for this movie is that many viewers will see a McDonalds and
say 'who are the culprits, they find you' and simply ignore it
very easy to eat a diet low healthy - go to any supermarket and you find
'easy' food is served quickly, but not the things your body needs
. I was challenged because I can easily vegetables out for several days
and being too tired to cook decent food and that reminded me why I
- Let us hope that many viewers will take that challenge and not just their
instead of a fatty diet (McDonalds) to another (prepared meals).

I personally do not find the movie as funny nor as shocking as many
Commentators have said that it was still coherent
entertaining and interesting, not the truth most scientists
Experiments, but that is not the point. It is true that very few people
eat McDonalds every day, but many, many people eat foods high in saturated fats daily
although not all happy and meals,
in this way, maybe Spurlock's experiment was not as distant and allows
be honest, as well as its own lobbyist said - McDonald's are part of the problem
. That the film has had an impact is undeniable - the super-sized
option has been eliminated and the number of salads that are made in McDonalds
this time last year? It may seem unfair and I can not understand why
McDonalds has been quick to counter and call it unfair and somewhat
is unfair - why carry all the blame one
overwhelming increase in unhealthy eat, but I suppose that is what
get for being the market leaders!

Overall it was a very entertaining film that mixes his gimmick well
with humor but also a good nucleus of a documentary with interesting
Talking Heads not rant or rave, but simply to see the figures
in most cases. However, I would say this, if only to see this movie
Snee to visibly unhealthy or tear a strip in front of McDonalds
after missing the larger point - it's easy to eat unhealthy, cheap
Food no matter what brand - eating every day and with a poor diet
is a major problem and, if nothing else
this challenge we must all of us to see our own habits and not just point and laugh at others.

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