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(drama, mystery, thriller)
Download Movie Mulholland Dr.A bright-eyed young actress travels to Hollywood, only to be ensnared in a dark conspiracy involving a woman who was nearly murdered, and now has amnesia because of a car crash. Eventually, both women are pulled into a psychotic illusion involving a dangerous blue box, a director named Adam Kesher, and the mysterious night club Silencio.


Naomi Watts as Betty Elms/Diane Selwyn
Laura Harring as Rita/Camilla Rhodes
Ann Miller as Catherine 'Coco' Lenoix/Adam's Mother
Dan Hedaya as Vincenzo Castigliane
Justin Theroux as Adam Kesher
Brent Briscoe as Detective Neal Domgaard
Robert Forster as Detective Harry McKnight
Katharine Towne as Cynthia Jenzen
Lee Grant as Louise Bonner
Scott Coffey as Wilkins
Billy Ray Cyrus as Gene
Chad Everett as Jimmy Katz
Rita Taggart as Linney James
James Karen as Wally Brown
Lori Heuring as Lorraine Kesher
Mark Pellegrino as Joe Messing
David Lynch

Hitchcock would be proud of this movie. Even when nothing happens, it
suspenseful. Director David Lynch Abuse some cheap tricks
emotion here and there, but he interspersed with other cinematographic techniques

to keep it from becoming obtuse.

In total, surreal, this movie is like awakening and remind
more than a dream, but not enough to be sensible. I am still trying to figure all
and probably will have to see again to catch things and I missed
that I can contribute to a better understanding. This is a very detailed plot that meets
very slowly, so you must be patient and pay attention. Get
your bathroom trip off the road before it starts. And yet the plot is
overshadowed by the theme, mood, character development, and
filming techniques.

The dual role as the main actress, Naomi Watts,
showcase his enormous talent. That is, if I could get my eyes off her co-star. What
acting pair.

Lynch surprises during the film with unusual camera angles,
length / time editing cuts, jumps back and forth between scenes.
Combined with the intelligent use of music and sounds, everything combines to create suspense
in our minds, certainly one of the main objectives of the director. Well, he kept me

on the edge of my seat, I had not even talking to the players to be careful
here, and not be so naive. You know, the sort of thing you want to smell
their children to do in the movies.
After two brief scenes that initially seemed unrelated to the rest of the
film, we see a brunette, obviously rich beauty in the back of a limousine
. His driver was arrested in a strange place at Mulholland Drive,
which is a twisting, wooded two-lane road filled with mansions
with a view to Los Angeles. Like his driver and another man in the passenger seat
to turn around to kill her, two drag racing cars in the opposite direction
come crashing into the limo. Only
brunette woman survives. She works its way through the crest of Sunset Boulevard and hides
holiday in an apartment of the woman. Shortly thereafter,
Betty (Naomi Watts), holidays niece of the woman, appears in an apartment
and runs on women dark hair, which now has amnesia. Most
the first part of the film is Betty and women of dark hair
trying to find out who she is, why people were trying to kill her and why there were thousands
dollars and a strange key in his pocket. This is interspersed with
strangely surreal about the threads of Hollywood producers and directors
, with occasional forays into a land of
hoodlums and prostitutes.

This may sound a bit complicated and disjointed, but that's not
half of it. The film is constructed so that the meaning
always be open to interpretation. It basically guarantees that you
not understand this movie and you will not have much confidence
reach their own interpretation the first time. Even if
have a lot of experience with like-minded films - as
Memento (2000), Donnie Darko (2001), The I Inside (2003) and The Butterfly Effect
(2004) - you can not understand that in a second observation, either.
The study was aware of this insofar as it had
director David Lynch writes "10 keys to unlocking this thriller"
and put it on the back of the chapter ad insert in the DVD. Lynch is a
particular provision, these tracks are almost as cryptic as the film
. It does not help when it comes to figure out in the early stages
that the structure is extremely complex. It takes a very long time
to find out which parts are supposed to be "real" and there is a complex
nesting flashbacks in some sections, with only
contextual clues that are flashbacks.

But is the movie worth seeing, or worth trying to find out?
That depends on your tastes, obviously. On a superficial level, the film is certainly
attractive if you're a fan of surrealism, despite being
tend to seem a bit slow and too disjointed to some viewers. But
those qualities, and many other aspects of the surrealist film,
typical Lynch. A Lynchian moment is the former partner in the beginning
strangely smiling almost as if they were alien pod people
trying to put on one front. If you're familiar with that style and
like it, you'll find a lot of love here, although in many respects,
Mulholland Drive is quite understated by Lynch. It is also noteworthy for
viewers who will be interested primarily in what they enjoy or simply as much as
other things, that Mulholland Drive has a very
steam lesbian scene. It is not free, although I have no problems with
free, but instead is an important hinge in the film.

Like all of Lynch's films, it's easy to become enraptured in their only
approach to every aspect of art film and its attention to detail. Some
serious student of cinema (including "armchair students" / "cinephiles")
should consider Mulholland Drive; many will love. Lynch leaves no
unmanipulated pass anything. It includes color schemes bright (for example
as the plethora of reds and pinks), with important symbolism. The
makes unusual use of sound, as the phone ringing more in carrying
scoring section that follows it (when Betty arrives first at the airport
). He directs his actors to deliver their lines in a plethora of
strange ways, such as his strange character paused. Leaving his
odd and surprising sense of humor through looming, as the name
"Winkie's" and "Hot Dogs - for roses" which provides a clue to some
the symbolism of color.

Lynch attention to detail in designing major production,
subtle clues throughout the film to help unblocking the meaning.
It is interesting to note that apparently even Lynch requires DVD
programming is unusual - there are chapters on the disc, you must either
see the film in real time or fast-forward or rewind to get < br> back to certain points. If

surrealism and veiled meaning of the film are attractive to you, or if you are alone
aficionado "puzzle", then Mulholland Drive
is well worth looking for that aspect. There is a fairly accepted
interpretation of the film, at least in a broad and generalized. I
not come to mind recalling the rule of interpretation here - worth
research, but only after seeing the film a couple of times and
have reached their own conclusions. Many articles and monographs have been
has written about the film and interpretations;
there are even websites dedicated to it.

For my money, however, despite the fact that in general love
Lynch and find many things attractive about Mulholland Drive, is not quite a 10 for me, at least
not yet (I feel that my score could still rising
subsequent viewings). For me, however, the "spin" of the film is
done much better in other works such as The interior and I
the butterfly effect. Mulholland Drive is more attractive to me by its surface
surreal touches, but the plot does not give rise to them, as well as some
Lynch's other movies.

however, Mulholland Drive is certainly recommended by public law.
If you're determined to film and do not mind having to think about what you see
(as if those two do not necessarily coincide),
should not miss this one.

Download Mulholland Dr.
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