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(drama, mystery, sci-fi)
Download Movie New Rose HotelMaas and Hosaka are two large Corporations in the future world. They are fighting to get control over the best minds of the world. The best is Hiroshi and at the moment he is working for the Maas Corporation. Fox has accepted an offer to persuade Hiroshi to go over to the Hosaka Corporation. Sandii is a little Italian girl from Japan and she should be the way to get to Hiroshi. X is the man who should train Sandii to break Hiroshi's Heart. But if X falls in love with Sandii? And if the Hosaka Corporation breaks the agreement? And if Sandii is not a little Italian girl?


Christopher Walken as Fox
Willem Dafoe as X
Asia Argento as Sandii
Annabella Sciorra as Madame Rosa
John Lurie as Distinguished Man
Kimmy Suzuki as Asian Girl #1
Miou as Asian Girl #2
Yoshitaka Amano as Hiroshi
Gretchen Mol as Hiroshi's Wife
Phil Neilson as The Welshman
Ken Kelsch as The Expeditor
Andrew Fiscella as Sex Show Man
Rachel Glass as Sex Show Woman #1
Roberta Orlandi as Sex Show Woman #2
Erin Jermaine Serrano as Sex Show Woman #3
Abel Ferrara

New Rose Hotel se basa en el story of the same name by William Gibson
. While the film is supposed to be established in the technology world infested
Gibson's stories did not convey this sense, with only a few pieces of
technology presents visually. More importantly, however, the film is terribly written and directed
. It seems obvious that the story of Gibson
should have been followed in a more literal, as the story is the narrator
(Dafoe's character) evoking his coffin at the New Rose Hotel, to talk
Sandii as if she can hear him. Instead, we are subject to the
history twice, the second time around in the form of flashbacks. I imagine
's flashbacks are supposed to clarify the disorganized mess that Ferrara
weaves in the first half of the film. Perhaps the film appeals to the technical
crowd, but do not let them fool you. It's a terrible film, putting to waste the incredible talent of
Walken and Dafoe. Gibson writing is descriptive and densely
rough. Ferrara attempts by the sand, but Gibson's worlds
can not be created without a budget [and a competent manager who helps]. For example
: Kill Switch, an episode of The X-Files that Gibson wrote,
episode was the most expensive ever filmed during the time the show was filmed in Vancouver
. And it is one of the best episodes in the history of the show. Why?
Because they built the visual aspect is necessary to tell the story. The fact that
New Rose Hotel fails to do so, along with the horrendous Ferrara
narration, is what makes it an unworthy effort. If you're a fan of Gibson
, after seeing the film, but I doubt that you enjoy.
New Rose Hotel (1998) is another strange movie Abel Ferrara.
Instead of its usual drama of the street. Ferrara develops elements
used at the same time make blackout. A dark and capricious
film that is adapted from a short story that was written by William Gibson.
I was surprised by how intriguing and interesting was the film.
I've heard so many negative things about this production that I was a little desconfĂ­o
in its sights. But I was impressed by the story, acting and directing.

Wilhelm Dafoe and Christopher Walken are two losers who are always looking for
rich people from cheating. One day they are the perfect
dove that will make them a lot of money. But they need a seductress. They find a
Asia Argento (who is smoking hot in this movie). During
error hurry, Dafoe falls for her and the two sides make a scam.
Unfortunately nothing is really as it seems. Instead of outside
with Asia, Dafoe tries to play all sides, but the winds with nothing.
Before you can split, his mentor Walken kills himself before the men beat her
can ice it. Dafoe realizes that he is being burned by a con artist and huye
better. Hidden for all, Dafoe spent the rest of his pathetic life
hiding in an abandoned apartment complex
The New Rose Hotel where he re-lived the last month of his life over and over again until
everything ends.

despite never see what happens with the character of Dafoe, one can assume
what happens to him. He has nowhere to go but inside the coffin
is created. The film is a serious study on the nature
not know what could have and how greed and stupidity
make a dangerous combination. I found this film to be very profound and moving well. But
is not for everyone.

highly recommended.

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