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(action, horror, sci-fi, thriller)
Download Movie PredatorDutch (Arnlod Schwarzenegger) and a team of commandos have been sent into a Central American jungle to track down some missing airmen that were kidnapped by terrorists. By the time they get to the camp, the airmen have been butchered in a very violent fashion and the commandos retaliate on the terrorists' camp. After that's over, they wait for a helicopter to pick them up, but something strange begins to happen in the woods. It isn't long before the commandos start getting killed off and Dutch and a girl from the camp, Anna (Elpidia Carrillo), are the only people left and fighting for their lives. But what they discover is too shocking for them to imagine. What's been killing them is the Predator, an alien that hunts rare species and make his trophies out of their skulls. And human beings are the new species he has discovered.


Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan 'Dutch' Schaeffer
Carl Weathers as Major George Dillon
Elpidia Carrillo as Anna
Bill Duke as Sergeant 'Mac' Eliot
Jesse Ventura as Blain
Sonny Landham as Billy
Richard Chaves as Poncho Ramirez
R.G. Armstrong as General Phillips
Shane Black as Hawkins
Kevin Peter Hall as The Predator/End Helicopter Pilot
John McTiernan

One of the classic sci-fi films and one of the most entertaining
action movies ever made. Certainly one of the best movies of Arnold, along with
Terminator 1 and 2. Mix a simple but effective story, a fresh
abroad, well-directed action scenes, Arnold kick the ass and you get a first-
class action films. Of course, there are some exaggerated macho
performances, but John knows how to do it in style.

So if you're a young (but not too young) that the film had not yet seen
Predator, be sure to do so to obtain a sample of 80's style action
With Arnold at its peak.

Rating: 8 / 10
With the launch of Alien Vs Predator I decided to see the original Predator
cinema today. I have seen many many times Predator for the first time since
seen again in 1989 and I love every time. I think
Predator 2 has a slight edge over this, but Predator has a slight edge over foreign
but I think we all are very excellent films.

Only if you do not know, this is a great alien whose career lives to hunt prey
decent Arnold Schwarzenegger and equipment commands that are
such dams. The commands are sent in a jungle of South americas
to find some missing airmen that are held by the guerrillas. They do what they
remains to be done that attracts the attention of the Predator that is
hunting in the area. So goes the Predator and hunting commands
the assistance of its cool weapons and cloaking device. The command also
have arrested a woman.

I think the whole subplot about the missing aviators called
is not too important for the viewer, but makes it possible for the commands that
there. The whole concept of Predator is really smart and, of course,
made me sit on the edge of my seat while watching the first time. This is kind of SPOOKY
in a frightening manner that we do not see the Predator
suitable for ages, but see through their eyes that adds to the tension.

The effects are great, the acting is good and the story is too cool.
I really like music and especially the jungle SPOOKY
twisted sounds we hear when we see through the eyes of the Predator. This is a
sci-fi action film that not only is cheap full of explosions.
Really has a great atmosphere. Anyone who likes science fiction and / or action movies like this should
. If not, then your taste for movies suck!
This in my humble opinion is probably the second best science fiction film
all time.

Alien Vs Predator has little of what made this so good so if
have not seen and thought Predator AVP aspired not think this will
. Predator is absolutely fantastic to see. 10/10

Download Predator
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