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(horror, thriller)
Download Movie Day of the DeadWhen the world is overrun by the flesh hungry dead a small group of survivors head to an underground military bunker in a last ditch effort to stay alive.


Kent Jude Bernard as Zombie
Nick Cannon as Salazar
Neil D'Monte as Zombie
Pat Kilbane as Dr. Engel
Brian La Rosa as Man in the Woods
Ian McNeice as D.J. Paul
Isaac Meisenheimer as Fire zombie
Jason Miller as Zombie
Robert Rais as Mr. Leitner
Jeffrey Reddick as Deputy
Ving Rhames as Captain Rhodes
Matt Rippy as Dr. Logan
Stark Sands as Bud Crain
Luke Sexton as Zombie
Hugh Skinner as Kyle
Steve Miner

'Day of the Dead "is one of the biggest sleepers in the history of horror films
. A failure when originally released almost twenty years ago, its reputation
ido has increased over the years, and now
is generally regarded as a classic. Of course, underestimated for a long time. In my opinion
Romero's' Night Of The Living Dead "and" Dawn Of The Dead "are two
of the biggest horror films ever made, but I always thought that 'Day ... "
was a little disappointed. But after seeing again
for the first time in several years (through the highly recommendable double disc "special edition" DVD)
I humbly eat my words. This is a great movie! Romero and special effects
Tom Savini work wonders on a limited budget, and the film is full of suspense
, a claustrophobic atmosphere and filled with blood. Probably
flopped the first time because it is so bleak, but now that
one of its strengths. Interestingly, Romero has a strong female protagonist
(Lori Cardillo) and strong support from black character (Terry Alexander),
something in common that not all horror movies. Both actors give good performances
, soldiers led by Rhodes (Joseph Pilate) are all due
ultra macho and deranged, and is cool to see John amplas ( 'Martin') in a
supporting role, but the two highlights are performances by Richard Liberty
( 'mad') as Dr. Logan (that soldiers refer to as "Frankenstein"), Howard Sherman
and as Bub the zombie that has domado. The sequences between
Logan and Bub are just tremendous and add an additional layer of pathos to the film
. The only negative comment that can be done about "Day of the Dead" is that
that brings home the depressing fact that George Romero has not made a real
outstanding film in nearly twenty years. I really hope that makes his long
Dead in danger fourth film 'Dead Reckoning' and that turns out to be
his masterpiece. But no matter what happens he has already carved his name in horror
history as the creator of three classic zombie movies just
get better and better as the years pass.
Months after the first dead rose from their graves, the world has
apparently overrun. In the depths of a fuel tank in Florida,
a group of soldiers and a group of scientists who have formed an uneasy alliance in
to try to discover something that can help reverse its spread.
However Dr Logan is not making the progress that soldiers require
and captain Rhodes becomes increasingly impatient and erratic as a result
. Things continue to worsen as the zombies and collect over
Logan's work becomes more worrisome.

Having seen and enjoyed (if that's the word) the remake of Dawn,
I decided to see the three originals in their own values. Despite that
had seen the other two before, this was the first time he had seen Day
and assumed it would be larger than is Dawn (in the same manner as
Dawn expanded ideas of Night). In that sense, I was a little disappointed to find
that the film was in a rather small scale and
has failed to convince me of truth that the world is really more of the surface
of land. However, this does not mean that it is not a
good story in itself, because it is, although very different from both
night and dawn. For me lacks social commentary that was going to
are at Dawn, but remains tense and bloody grip. The
claustrophobic nature of air and maritime transport and the characters are struggling
means that the tension is easily created, even when zombies are distant and seemingly
pose less of a threat that human beings do one another. The
film is a bit weak points - medical experiments are also
long time and character of Bub is unclear as to their reasons for
be included as much as it was. I did not like the idea of Bub,
the film did not seem to know what to do with him except to use him to fill
history - Logan's progress with him seemed such a waste of time
, even if that was the point, it did not work.

When the gore is very difficult to see and a bit repugnant to
times - bodies and Tim torn whole bloody color -
as a horror because it succeeds I was looking for a fairly
times! Despite Shaun of the Dead has made fun of these slow zombies
recently that still manage to be very effective here - I personally find
afraid because they are ruthless and simply wish to kill. Truly,
fasting are scarier but they are too. The cast is more
not only the victims and are reasonably well prepared and performed. They must be
participation or tension between them would not work and at the same time
almost entirely real people they are still good enough for a horror film and
that are not just fodder intended to tear apart - even
clearly written as' good 'and' bad '.

In general this is not the best of the trilogy, but still is a good
horror film. The tension between the characters created as much a threat as
zombies do - although some of the plots that is not good. This is all well
basa in a gory finish that really only because it lacks teeth
both the film and ending either stop showing what
really bad things and was never convinced that the world has come to an end in
the way in which the entire trilogy has suggested that.

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