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Download Movie PollyannaPollyanna is a young orphan with a positive, cheerful personality who comes to live with her wealthy, embittered, spinster aunt. She introduces everyone to her preacher father's favorite "Glad Game" and ends up transforming not only her aunt's life but the entire town. When the selfless, caring Pollyanna is severely injured in an accident, her spirits dip uncharacteristically, and the townsfolk rally around to help her regain her perspective, to rejoice in God and look for the good.


Amanda Burton as Aunt Polly
Kenneth Cranham as Mr. Pendleton
Georgina Terry as Pollyanna
Aden Gillett as Dr. Chiltern
Pam Ferris as Mrs. Snow
Kate Ashfield as Nancy
Tom Bell as Old Tom
Tom Ellis as Tim
David Bamber as Reverend Ford
Ben Thornton as Jimmy Bean
Judy Flynn as Milly Snow
Amanda Walker as Widow Benton
Nicola Duffett as Mrs. Payson
Jan Carey as Mr. Pendleton's Maid
Jane Nash as Mrs. Ford
Sarah Harding

My parents told me this is the first film that took me to see, in a drive-
yet! And what is a movie to start! This super-hit Disney is
something like Mame kids, and works surprisingly, given the
all-around charisma of the cast, and wonderful
small town. Uncle Walt sure knew what he was doing when he

snatched little Hayley Mills father John and his being

in the title role: walking around with his brilliant and her pigtails
Milk Mustache, she simply screams fertility, and the promise of the future.
Disney favorite Kevin Corcoran is fine as Polly's pal maliciously. Preacher
Karl Malden gives a sermon Hellfire creepy, sure to scare children in
public, as well as children in the film. Then there is an old
creepy neighbor (Menjou), which supposedly keeps kids
as slaves in their basement full of rats! Polly type straight sets, although, in fact, it makes sense
Polly early encounters with all
adult male authority figures in the city, and subsequently becomes the point of the machinations of prisms and
politics. Then there is suggestive
night carnival, Polly who sings "americas,

the Beautiful", wrapped in the flag! There are, of course, the obligatory

almost traumatic experience of death, but all ends well. This fun of a bus
fully expresses the Disney movie with the interests of small town americas
cultural and sociological experiment, a company that began with Disneyland and
not over yet!
A vast improvement on the cutesy, unrealistic and openly cliché story
que se basa, the movie Disney is a Pollyanna really nice, credible
the film. It has a very charming, to feel nostalgic. The

period costumes and sets are very good, and the location is good, too.
The best thing about it, however, are the performances. The talented cast
really makes you believe in them and forget that they are all stereotypes. Jane Wyman

is quite good as Aunt Polly, such as Agnes Moorehead, Adolphe Menjou, and
espicially Karl Malden. Hayley Mills and over has its own, giving

a very good, subtle, credible. This Pollyanna
not spend all their time chatting in front of his mouth and misinterpreting each act of cold
his aunt as an expression of love, which made her very upset by the
book, but rather, it really comes to meet people and very subtly brings out

the best of them. A really good family film, much better than the book, and

one really worth seeing.

Download Pollyanna
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