Download Sharpshooter
Download Movie SharpshooterAn assassin working for the CIA decides to take one final job before quiting only to find out that he is the target of his CIA boss.


Bruce Boxleitner as Sheriff Garner
Jon Braver as Cinq
Kaine Bennett Charleston as Flick's Guy
McKinley Freeman as Andre'
Nick Hermz as Bhan
Stacey Hinnen as Carson
Kurt Meyer as Phillips/Henchman
Chris Muto as Henchman
Jim Palmer as Steve
Dave Power as Merrill
Dominic Rains as Aiig
Michael Ray Reed as Commando
Lee Reherman as Ziggy
James Remar as Dillon
Al Sapienza as Phillips
Armand Mastroianni

Stars: Saturday Night ***** **** *** Friday Night Friday morning
** * Sunday evening on Monday morning

Dillon (James Remar) is a burned Black Ops soldier who
has had enough and simply want to retire. Needless to say, old acquaintance
Flick (Mario Van Peebles) comes along with the requirement of "one last
assignment", to spy and eventually draw a notorious arms dealer who has a spacious
house at the rear of the forest in a small and peaceful U.S.
people. Get a little old and creaky, Dillon makes some mistakes but
manages the work anyway ... but soon discovers that he can trust anybody.

I had no idea what had been conceived as a television movie, but I suppose that the
production values are quite eloquent. We have no more
original or interesting stories here, and unfortunately
are also charged with a fatal lack of exciting action. Things that make a little heat
the end, but do not expect a stop any action in this exciting journey.
REM's character is quite interesting, but with this as their main
recommendation, I would not get their hopes up too. **
I have seen only a long time so bad, full of movie cliches. In fact
I registered here just to raise that view.
I could not even see the movie until the end, is so bad. Bad actor (
totally unnatural), landscapes bad, bad gear (rifles and so forth),
tons of cliches (such as jumping on top of the vehicle to get the bad guys who are
driving, or the agent. In other words, a film made with low-budget
truth. If they are capable of pushing another button on the remote, fazer that even if there is only news channels available. Even watching a
boring things like "mating rituals in the world mistake" would be a better alternative to this
. Apart from that, as shown on this page, there
many of the errors that are you can see, but also people who are not hunting
(I usually do not respect the errors). For example, Phillips
moment is making the deal and the agent is caught: After the capture
it (is dark night), surpassing him (still night)
being carried out to be murdered (sun). My first impression was that the
action continued the next day, until I realized that the bad guy's
returned to the room where the treatment is as if he returned after the half hour.

Download Sharpshooter
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