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Download Movie Mad MaxIt is a couple of years in the future... The highways of Australia are ruled by violent gangs who have turned the highways into a battleground as they loot gasoline and terrorize the innocent. Max Rockatansky is a policeman who had everything... Until, a murderous motorcycle gang led by the evil Toecutter burns his partner Jim Goose to death and murders his wife and son, after Max killed their leader "The Knight Rider". Loosing his rocker, Max decides to take the law into his own hands as he sets out to get his revenge on the motorcycle gang and become the road warrior known as "Mad Max".


Mel Gibson as 'Mad' Max Rockatansky
Joanne Samuel as Jessie Rockatansky
Hugh Keays-Byrne as Toecutter
Steve Bisley as Main Force Patrol Officer Jim Goose
Tim Burns as Johnny the Boy
Roger Ward as Fifi Macaffee
Lisa Aldenhoven as Nurse
David Bracks as Mudguts
Bertrand Cadart as Clunk
David Cameron as MFP Garage Mechanic Barry
Robina Chaffey as Singer at Sugartown Nightclub
Stephen Clark as Sarse
Mathew Constantine as Toddler
Jerry Day as Ziggy
Reg Evans as Station Master
George Miller

Australia slowly films have won in quality and popularity.

still good and I had always heard great things about an old cinema in Australia
known as' Mad Max '. With a fascinating history, strange and crazy characters

broad agreement on high-octane cars and motorcycles and starring a huge
Star Hollywood, which was not so great when this movie was made, & # 39; Mad Max 'is a
revelation of a film. It also shows that a small budget does not hinder
what kind of film we will see.

Max Rockatansky is a policeman in the near future that is tired of his job and wants
, so you can spend time with his wife and baby son. Since
apocalypse, the long, desolate stretches of road in the area
bloody struggle have become battlefields. Max has seen too many innocent
and fellow officers killed by the bomb's savage offspring,
marauding beasts cyclists for whom murder, rape and looting is a way of life
. Then Max's world is shattered as a banda led by the evil Toecutter
murders his family in revenge for the death of one of its members.
inside, Max gets into a soup-up V-8 racing machine to seek a large and
bloody revenge.

What is most impressive about this film is the action and stunts car
that are present in the film for almost the entire 90 minutes. I am referring to see
BiKi autumn, cars fly, go through the caravans, and the high octane number V-8 that

Max uses are all terrible. The trick main coordinator 'MM' Grant
Page, who did a good job in which an across these ideas of the dangers in
the road, in addition to the fine acrobatics, which were effective for the film

final makeup.

however, the writer / director of Mad Max, George Miller deserves just as much

praise GM for carrying our screens. Being his first feature,
practised as a doctor to finance the film finance, which only shows how
a tight budget this movie was. I love the pace and style of the film
that Miller presents us with 'Mad Max', which I can only describe as
'worrying', but in a good and effective. Miller went on to lead

the next two films Mad Max.

The main star of GM is one of the most recognizable Hollywood stars Mel Gibson
. The couple was in this movie, but not outside their

gritty performance. I am sure that at the time they played this character that two things are not
iban through your mind, that this would become a great movie
franchise, and that Gibson himself would be a great actor Hollywood. Gibson
brings humanity to the film, which is located in a depressing future.
I suppose the only part of his character that he wanted to see more, is Max
angry, what happened, but it took longer than I thought.

There are other good cast by members of this unpleasant movie. Jim Goose
Steve Bisley) is a kind of crazy COP, which pushes and does not like being pressured.
Some of the things he does and he has to happen
are quite remarkable.
Bisley has had a successful career in Australia movies and television, with such titles as
the fun movie "The Great Theft, 'and become part of Aussie TV drama shows as
doctor 'GP', the media false 'frontline' and
cop drama 'water rats'. Jesse Max's wife (Joanne Samuel) likes Max

and the film clearly demonstrates this through their actions. But once again, which happens to
his character is also difficult to take.

This brings me also mean characters in the film. The banda is BiKi
led by the horrible Toecutter (Hugh Keays-Byrne), whose performance in the
the film is quite good. I love his bad body language, especially his smirk
that sent a chill through me many times in the film. All BiKi his gang

are not much better, with the Nightrider (Gil Vicente), an important member of
history. I like the actors who were in this banda, as they were all bad
and repugnant.

There are other aspects to the film that I liked. The use of
the establishment was very valuable, as we got to see many different places along the
Coast of Australia. But what revealed the scenery of the film were
unique camera angles that are throughout the film. This has

to be due to the good work of cinematographer David Eggby, who made many casualties
camera angle, I was really impressed. Another important element
that created great tension for the film was its musical score. This was
in most of the film and was very effective. The GM was
composer Brian May.

After he had seen Mad Max, I wanted to show this film to my father, as I
believes that contains sufficient elements to keep you entertained, being a car enthusiast
. At the time he had seen the film together, I was struck by
knowledge of what it was like my father in many of the films from various aspects. I
only be glad that he liked the movie, because I know that he did.

A friend and I also believe that this movie influenced the famous television show of americas,
Knight Rider. Only believe this for two reasons. One of them, because there is a scene very similar
in an episode of Knight Rider, as it is in this movie,
and two, because the car that Max speeds around the end of the film
, as seen similar to the Trans Am used in the Knight Rider TV show
I look forward to seeing the two sequels Mad Max they have done, as
which are widely popular films. Also see out for the fourth instalment of Mad Max
, coming next year.

WRC gives' Mad Max ': 4.5 (Very Good - Brilliant Film)

I remember that my parents were such fans of Mad Max, when I was a kid, but
the movie seemed so boring in my eyes. I never really wanted to get
there, I mean, I was a kid after all. But a few years ago in my
film appreciation class, we were watching clips from Mad Max 2
Australia to study film and I was intrigued with him. Finally, he recalled a few weeks ago
how I wanted to see the three movies, so I just looked
Mad Max and I must say that I understand is worship. Max mad
promises and delivery, is a low-budget action movie, but it has a tremendous history and excellent
acrobatics. Mel Gibson, before being
Mel Gibson in Hollywood, you can see why it became so big,
their presence on the screen is truly hypnotic and makes a great hero. This story is so
fear in the fact that I do not think we're far from that future.

Max Rockatansky living at a time when his country has been taken over by
violent, vicious motorcycle gang members who only go around
torturing and killing people. Max and some friends are the last
members of the "semi" police force that is trying to get things
under control and bring some peace to his people. But when the gang
messes with Max's friend burning near him alive, and Max is marked
going after them. But when the banda messes with Max's wife and child and
kills them, oh, que han ido too far and now is personal.

Mad Max is the basic fabric and can be considered typical, but it is a fun
action film that actually offers. The action sequences were
really exciting, especially Max sequence of revenge, it was so amazing and I
not remember the last time I rooted so hard for the good guy to win.
Mel Gibson is really cool and I had a good time watching Mad Max. I
We look forward to the sequels. I would recommend this movie for a
see, is a classic cult fun I'm sure that any action fan

7 / 10

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