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Download Movie Diary of the DeadA group of young film students run into real-life zombies while filming a horror movie of their own.


Nick Alachiotis as Fred
Matt Birman as Zombie Trooper
George Buza as Biker
Joshua Close as Jason
Christopher Cordell as Double Header Zombie
Wes Craven as Newsreader
Joe Dinicol as Eliot
Stephen King as Newsreader
Tino Monte as Newscaster
Simon Northwood as Trooper 1
Simon Pegg as Newsreader
Philip Riccio as
Martin Roach as Stranger
Shawn Roberts as Tony Ravello
Todd Schroeder as Brody
George A. Romero

Sometimes, user comments on IMDb may mislead! A comment
recently suggested that this movie Romero is returning to its roots, and
suggested that this film ranks up there with the best of its' dead '
films. Respectfully, I disagree ... very, very!

For those unfamiliar, the trilogy was killed in this manner: 1 -
Night of the living dead: the dead back to life and terrorize the people who panic
have taken refuge in a farmhouse. 2 - Dawn of the Dead:
Romero's BEST, for those who do not know when the corporation is located
unable to contain the movement of dead, a small group hole in a shopping mall
And find a little utopia in the commercial attractiveness after the fall
society. 3 - Day of the Dead: Government, mostly at the prodding of the
military forces, took refuge in the islands off the coast of the U.S.,
either trying to find an answer to regain the world (the military
approach), or to live with the 'dead' (the scientific approach). 4 -
Land of the Dead: Society is broken down into colonies controlled by the
who have wealth and power of military command and as the forces of both
the dead and the poor are the subject of colonial abuses in these establishments as

As you can see, there was an achievement for movies Romero-political commentary
definitely was loaded into movies. For some reason, however,
Romero decided to make this movie, which in a nut shell, is a
group of students who, while concerned a monster movie,
find in the middle of chaos and decide to document. In "The
Blair Witch Project" (which is much better!) "Cloverfield. "

One by one, most students are sent as
that make their way across Pennsylvania in search of their families-but if you sit across the
first five minutes of the film, the narrative tells you: a)
the film is over, and b) an effort to edit it in order to emphasize its
fear has been done to "wake up." ;
This last part is rather peculiar, given that the filmmaker goes so far as to
seeing their friends being attacked by the dead, without help,
To capture exactly what happened.

Does that seem parasitic? What is perhaps even more repugnant is that the
'filmmaker' seems more concerned with 'hits' obtained the video online
that the welfare of his friends, or after falling victim to a
attacker, which is essentially seen as a noble hero
one of the survivors.

really did not like this film, although it is obvious that the crowd at the theater
did enjoy some of the originality of blood (in a scene
, one of the dead is EMP surprised with a machine in a hospital,
causing his eyes to explode, but not kill them). My advice: if you are tired of seeing
shills who seek the same as the pulse
Blair Witch Project successfully exploited, or if you want to keep a
Romero idea that the trilogy is a dead example of positive company
movie making, avoid this fault!
First: I am a big fan of Romero first three (
quite disappointed with Land of the Dead) classic Dead films, and
have great respect and admiration for his work and influence that he and his films < br> have had on the whole horror movie genre. Along with
Lucio Fulci and Dario Argento, Romero is undoubtedly one of the most important and influential
horror / sprinkle / zombie directors of all time.
There is no question about it!

Agenda, Romero once again focuses on a small number of people who survive and
relations between them, instead of zombies and gore.
This is what has always made his films big and powerful. In all its
films, zombies own work mainly as a reason to explain why a small
group of people is very different suddenly forced to rely on, and
help each other, while that the main focus is on the relationships between these people and
reactions and emotions that could explode
during this extremely interesting situation as a zombie outbreak.

Although this formula is what has made his previous films
interesting and entertaining, is unfortunately what makes Diary of the Dead
the exact opposite. And the reason that they are merely players.
The main characters are all (except one) students in film schools, as
shallow and cocky as any other cast of children in any other "new"
horror movie. The actors (all of them young and unknown)
seem fairly inexperienced, and they all fail miserably to convince me, even for a
secondly, that this is anything other than a bad student film, trying < br> desperately to be more than what it really is. And when one
interesting character (the mute Amish man armed with a scythe)
finally introduced, insurance depart around for a long time.

A film like this depends largely on the actors, and when you seriously
wish all the cast turn into zombies, only to enable them to be quiet,
entire film, including the once great director, has failed.

The script itself, moreover, is actually quite good.
There are some annoying things, like at the beginning when a pair of children
decides to leave school and go home and fortify
in a mansion, based solely on a radio program, reporting
on 6 cases of "strange zombie-like attacks." But above all it is an interesting script
and I fully understand what Mr Romero had in mind, and what he expects
conduct. Too bad actors ruined by him. A group of children
/ students also can never be as interesting as a group of real
adults from different parts of society (as in Dawn of the Dead), and
I really hope that Romero will to leave children alone and once again
attention to interesting characters, each time you decide to make another film
(there are rumors of a Diary of the Dead part 2).

better luck next time.

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