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(crime, drama, thriller)
Download Movie New Jack CityIn 1989, Nino Brown, a small time drug dealer, is convinced by one of his fellow thugs that the wave of the future is in the cocaine derivative, crack. Brown sees potential in crack and sets out to establish himself as chief kingpin by killing off his rivals and even going as far as to take over a whole apartment complex. Out to stop him are undercover cops Scottie Appleton and Nick Paretti. Appleton especially wants to get Nino because of the fact that he murdered Scottie's mother as part of a gang initiaton. Also involved is Pookie, a former crackhead who wants to bring down Nino as well.


Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown
Ice-T as Scotty Appleton
Allen Payne as Gee Money
Chris Rock as Pookie
Mario Van Peebles as Stone
Michael Michele as Selina
Bill Nunn as Duh Duh Duh Man
Russell Wong as Park
Bill Cobbs as Old man
Christopher Williams as Kareem Akbar
Judd Nelson as Nick Peretti
Vanessa Williams as Keisha
Tracy Camilla Johns as Uniqua
Anthony DeSando as Frankie Needles
Nick Ashford as Rev. Oates
Mario Van Peebles

This film, which came out in 1991, perhaps contributed to the fearsome police state
political atmosphere that fed the misbegotten "war against
Drugs", and has jailed the same people who was (and is )
Supposed to help. If you're going to make a film about drug gangs, align themselves with
gangs, creating characters, and try to do something more than a clear
morality story. However, New Jack City has a lot of imagination and
energy passes through it, especially a terrible and chilling opening
on a bridge over the East River, and then a great persecution between police seqence
Ice T and distributor of Chris Rock, passing a bicycle BMX, taking down several
stairs. In addition, there is an interesting confrontation between gang
Snipes and Italian mafioso organization, which, unfortunately, not being sufficiently
the basis of the film.

across it draws largely on gangster movies such as "Scarface."
New Jack City is a good film that teaches (without preaching) the dangers of
Drug use and that people who use it for their own benefit.

The film revolves around Nino Brown a drug lord who rises to power with his banda
capitalization of the drug of choice (at) crack cocaine. Soon
build a great empire known as the CMB. A police officer (Mario Van
is assigned to bring him down to do this forming a special unit composed of
Scotty Appleton (Ice-T) and Nick Peretti (Judd Nelson) . The unit is capable

to reduce the CMB which was crumbling because of the power mad Brown,
across Nino is not punishable by law, he is fulfilling its purpose.

The film is a faster pace (from 1986 to 89 in just
the first thirty minutes). Through its obvious are some stereotypes (including
Gangsters Italian Nino crossings). It's a good movie. That is a good pace for

, and is probably one of the best way out of urban gangster genre

of early 90's.

Download New Jack City
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