The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer

Download Hunt for the Unicorn Killer, The
(drama, thriller)
Download Movie The Hunt for the Unicorn KillerFact-based story about Ira Einhorn (Kevin Anderson), a 70's peace-nik who is generally credited as one of the founders of Earth Day. In the late 60's and early 70's, Ira lived with Holly Maddux (Naomi Watts). But when she tries to leave him in 1977, she suddenly disappears. Later her body is discovered in a trunk in Einhorn's apartment. Let out on bail, Einhorn flees from the country and manages to elude authorities for years. Meanwhile he is convicted in absentia and sentenced to prison. Holly's father (Tom Skerritt) is determined to see his daughter's murderer brought to justice and has him tracked and is eventually caught in France in 1997. Martin Donovan appears as the assistant D.A. who put the case together. Today, Einhorn is now appealing his conviction.


Kevin Anderson as Ira Einhorn
Tom Skerritt as Fred Maddux
Naomi Watts as Holly Maddux
Kellie Overbey as Meg Maddux
Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Det. Newhouse
Brian Kerwin as Saul Lapidus
Josef Sommer as Corporate Man
William G. Schilling as Robert Stevens
Albert Schultz as Lucas Rothman
Mimi Kuzyk as Barbra Bronfman
Gregory Itzin as Arlen Specter
Rosemary Murphy as Bea Einhorn
Bill MacDonald as Police Lieutenant
Martin Donovan as Richard DiBenedetto
Wanda Cannon as Liz Maddux
William A. Graham

This excellent drama real life just air in British television - more

two weeks. This is a fascinating story that sent a chill up the spine.
I would be intrigued to know what happened to Ira Einhorn in the end. The
the film was made in 1999 and a note at the end of the film
said he was appealing against his extradition from France, having been once
What has happened in the four years since then? He was finally carried
Justice? If there is any Philadelphians out there that could tell me,
love to hear. That said, full marks to an excellent cast
I have read several books and seen many documentaries (including an episode of
"americas's Most Wanted") in connection with this case and still come out with the
feeling that there is more to the story that is counted.

Ira Einhorn was a hippie guru in Philadelphia during the 60's and 70, and was largely
involved in controlling thought, paranormal, and computer data
He always claimed that the CIA and other government agencies are

monitoring their activities, and some of this is revealed in this movie. However,

for the most part this is the story of the dead woman's family
point of view.
also struck me as very interesting that the lawyer who won in Einhorn
bail (for the murder of Pete's sake!) was none other than Arlen Spector, author
JFK the "magic bullet theory" and participate in many activities
Congress oversight of intelligence. Upon seeing this film, or the next
case, we can see some of the Danny Casolare this incident.
This film is presented fairly well, and the acting is superb, but watch this

and read between the lines!

Download Hunt for the Unicorn Killer, The

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