The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer

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(drama, thriller)
Download Movie The Hunt for the Unicorn KillerFact-based story about Ira Einhorn (Kevin Anderson), a 70's peace-nik who is generally credited as one of the founders of Earth Day. In the late 60's and early 70's, Ira lived with Holly Maddux (Naomi Watts). But when she tries to leave him in 1977, she suddenly disappears. Later her body is discovered in a trunk in Einhorn's apartment. Let out on bail, Einhorn flees from the country and manages to elude authorities for years. Meanwhile he is convicted in absentia and sentenced to prison. Holly's father (Tom Skerritt) is determined to see his daughter's murderer brought to justice and has him tracked and is eventually caught in France in 1997. Martin Donovan appears as the assistant D.A. who put the case together. Today, Einhorn is now appealing his conviction.


Kevin Anderson as Ira Einhorn
Tom Skerritt as Fred Maddux
Naomi Watts as Holly Maddux
Kellie Overbey as Meg Maddux
Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Det. Newhouse
Brian Kerwin as Saul Lapidus
Josef Sommer as Corporate Man
William G. Schilling as Robert Stevens
Albert Schultz as Lucas Rothman
Mimi Kuzyk as Barbra Bronfman
Gregory Itzin as Arlen Specter
Rosemary Murphy as Bea Einhorn
Bill MacDonald as Police Lieutenant
Martin Donovan as Richard DiBenedetto
Wanda Cannon as Liz Maddux
William A. Graham

After seeing this movie and reading it is a documentary based on soap

a 'real', I wondered what the understanding we have of truth in visual

Or textual descriptions. My first intuition was that this film is no cliche
put together in a stereotype way to tell a story with a political message
conservative. Just the opposite of the most commonly
said (and similarly simplistic) liberal history of girls repressed

the province, old and educated with narrow moralistic
principles that
moves to an urban environment and develops unsuspected qualities, is famous
, discovers sex, etc. Even if the topic of "Hunting for
- Unicorn Killer" is "true" within the meaning of that the director was inspired by a

incident with structurally the same facts - how they said,
is absolutely incredible. None of the characters actually win any depth.

The reasons for girls to live with her friend that she and humiliates the
friend of the reasons for his assassination outside jealoucy - even if the film
insinuates that he never loved her stay dark. The question of why a pacifist
explained kills her friend responds to a too simplistic
Thus, if the film suggests that only have their ideas to make himself interesting
and seduce girls . I think it is also problematic for
make a piece of fiction is real and pretend that maintaining the real names of

people and places. People can no longer distinguish between what happened

and what was invented just to make the plot more interesting. I believe in truth
narrative is about more representative cases (albeit
invented) and told a manner sufficiently sophisticated to approach the
complexities of real life. I rate that 1 in 10.

Download Hunt for the Unicorn Killer, The
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