From Beyond

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(horror, sci-fi)
Download Movie From BeyondDr. Pretorius and his colleagues are working on a sensational experiment: by means of stimulation of the pineal gland, they want to open the human mind to higher dimensions. When the experiment succeeds, however, they are immediately attacked by terrible life forms, which apparently are floating around us all the time. When Dr. Pretorius is killed by one of them, Dr. Tillinghast is under suspect and thrown into the psycho ward due to his stories. Only the ambitious psychologist Dr. McMichaels believes him and wants to continue the experiment.


Jeffrey Combs as Crawford Tillinghast
Barbara Crampton as Dr. Katherine McMichaels
Ken Foree as Buford 'Bubba' Brownlee
Ted Sorel as Dr. Edward Pretorius
Carolyn Purdy-Gordon as Dr. Bloch
Bunny Summers as Neighbor Lady
Bruce McGuire as Jordan Fields
Del Russel as Ambulance Driver
Dale Wyatt as Paramedic
Karen Christenfeld as Nurse
Andy Miller as Patient
John Leamer as Shock Technician
Regina Bleesz as Bondage Girl
Stuart Gordon

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